Digital Melting Point Apparatus

The DMP100 Melting Point Device is a convenient, safe, fast and easy to use digital product that determines the melting point of a substance without the need for a mercury thermometer. The DMP100 makes measurement simple and is ideal for use in educational chemistry labs. It can be an indispensable bench top tool for the modern science education laboratory and for select industrial application areas such as quality control testing for the purity of pharmaceutical and other organic crystalline solids.

The unit has an adjustable slow speed temperature ramp rate from 1°C to 10°C. It features 3 indicator lights (Heating, Fast, Slow) advising the procedure in process, as well as a magnifying lens that allows a view of up to two samples illuminated clearly by a built in LED light. Heating block has a plastic cover to protect the user that can easily be removed for cleaning.

The DMP100 includes an Operations Manual with detailed use instructions and one pack of 100 glass capillary tubes, open on one end and is priced economically with a 3 year warranty.

Key Features

  • Space saving compact design.
  • Digital LED temperature display with 0.1°C resolution.
  • Fast Stage temperature set that saves time prior to carrying out the melt procedure.
  • “Read" button that captures the melt temperature allowing for an accurate recording

Specifications for Digital Melting Point Apparatus
Dimensions (LxWxH) 8.7 x 6.3 x 6.7"
Weight 4 lbs
Electrical Supply 120V, 60 Hz
Temperature Range Ambient Temperature to 300°C
Accuracy ±1°C at 20°C; ±2.5°C at 300°C
Digital Display/Resolution 4 digit LED/0.1 ° C
Temperature Ramp Rate to Fast Temp Set ≤20 ° C (depending on set)
Temperature Ramp Rate to Melt Between 1° C and 10° C

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EF13393 DMP100 Digital Melting Point Apparatus Each
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