Welcome Daigger Scientific Customers

Daigger is now Weber Scientific: Life Science, and we're thrilled to extend a warm welcome to you. Here are some tips for your first time buying from weberscientific.com

🔑 Same Login: You can continue using your same Daigger.com login credentials at www.weberscientific.com
Click here to login with the same username and password you were using at daigger.com, there's no need to register a new account.

🔎 Familiar Products: Search for products under the same Daigger part numbers. All your favorite Daigger products are now available for purchase from Weber Scientific.

💼 Your Weber Account: Your account number and your account manager stay the same.

Additionally, Our phone numbers and personnel are unchanged, so you can continue communicating with us the same way you always have.

Need any help?

Our team is ready to help answer any questions you may have about this transition. Click here to chat with your Weber account manager, or you may reach our customer service team by phone at 800.328.8378 or by email at info@weberscientific.com