Costar UV-Transparent Microplates

Corning® Costar UV-Transparent Microplates are constructed from a polymer with high UV transmittance. They are certified for low background and consistent performance at 260 and 280 nm. The UV-transparent bottom is molded directly to an acrylic base for greater strength and maximum leak resistance.

Plates have a flat well shape with a non-treated surface and are certified DNase- and RNase-free. Provided nonsterile, without lid.

Key Features

  • Excellent alternative to expensive quartz cuvettes for reading down to 220 nm
  • Industry-standard dimensions fit most robotic, liquid handling, and detection equipment
  • Excellent well-to-well uniformity, consistent low background, and zero crosstalk

Item No. Alt. Part No. Binding Property Lid No. Wells Sterile Well Volume Unit of Measure Your Cost Purchase
PLT 96WL UV NT NS BK 25 50
EF5649A Non-treated No 96 no 360 µL Case of 50
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