Brilliant Plastic pH Dip Stiks

Brilliant Plastic pH Dip Stiks are plastic pH strips that instantly compare alkaline or acidic readings among many solutions, including urine, saliva, hair products, or aquarium and/or pool water.

To use these tips, dip the pH stik into the necessary solution and compare the resulting color with the matching pH color chart. The pH color chart matches at pH levels ranging from 1.0 to 14.0, and the single color separation among the entire range of the pH scale is distinct and easy to read. Each carton holds 10 cases with 100 strips per case, lasting for about 1000 tests. Stored in a clear plastic container, the pH sticks can be stored away and protected prior to use.

Constructed of a plastic body and a paper tip, the strips measure approximately 3.0 x 0.25 inches (L x W). They are essential measuring tools for researchers, medical professionals, manufacturers, educators, and hobbyists that require accurate pH acidity (below pH 7) or alkalinity (above pH 7).

Micro Essential Laboratory, Inc. sets an industry standard for quality, accuracy, and reliability, manufacturing pH test strips, test tapes, sanitizer test papers, and pH buffer standards for the educational, industrial, medical, and environmental industries.

Key Features

  • Visible, bright color separations that represent accurate readings in 1.00 pH increments
  • Hydrion Brilliant pH Test Dip-Stik detects a range of acid or alkaline pH in various solutions
  • Strips are packed in a clear plastic container for easy storage and protection
  • pH test strips come in cartons containing 10 cases with 100 strips per case