Bio-vortexer Homogenizer

This Biospec  Bio-vortexer Homogenizer is a lightweight, battery-powered unit designed to be used with microcentrifuge tubes. Centrifugal pellets, precipitates and other solids are completely dispersed in seconds by a combination of mechanical and vortex action. Because a new stir rod is used with each sample, the risk of cross-contamination is greatly reduced. 

Disposable, polypropylene stirring rods measure 3" x 1/8". Each system includes BioVortexer, 100 stirring rods and batteries.

Key Features

  • Disposable, inert stirring rods eliminate cross contamination
  • Mixes right in the tube – no need to move contents
  • A practical alternative to conventional vortex mixers

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EF16425A Bio-vortexer w/ 100 3" stirring rods and batteries Each
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