Best Refillable Wiping System (Best Sanitizers)

Best Sanitizers’ refillable wiping system comes with a reusable canister and 6 rolls of wipes to a case. Wipes come in a 160 count canister.

When the canister goes empty, just reorder the 6-pack of refill rolls and reuse the durable canister to save money and reduce waste. The wipes in each canister come dry. Add 1.25 quarts of either Alpet D2, Alpet D2 Quat-Free, Alpet E3 Plus or the product of your choice to the wipes to create the wiping system of your choosing.

  • Dry wipes in a 160 count canister
  • Fill with the product of your choice
  • Reusable canister w/ spring-loaded lid to prevent drying
  • Optional locking bracket available for mounting the canisters to a wall or optional floor stand

Best Suited for:

  • Food Processing
  • Food Service / Grocery
  • Industrial Hygiene
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Best Refillable Wiping System
SS10017P case/6
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Wiping System Refill
SS10017R case/6
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