Automatic Pipette Washing Set

The Automatic Pipette Washing Set quickly and efficiently cleans glass or plastic pipettes up to 600 mm in length. The set consists of a washer/rinser with attachment for tap water, a 25.5"-high soaking jar and a soaking basket.

To use, place items to be cleaned in the soaking basket and immerse in the soaking jar. After a suitable period, transfer both jar and basket to the washer and connect to a tap water flow via the spray nozzle on the top rim. Once the siphon point at the top of the washer is reached, water automatically siphons out via the bottom drain. Overall height: 25.5" (basket with handle is 26").

Key Features

  • Water inlet is positioned away from contaminated water to eliminate back-siphoning 
  • Basket has a soft polyethylene base to reduce breakage
  • Washer refills automatically once cycle completes

Item No. Alt. Part No. Product Description Dia x H Unit of Measure Your Cost Purchase
EF12466 Complete Set 25.5" x 6.5" Each
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