Ahlstrom 74 Ashless Quantitative Filter Papers

Ahlstrom 74 Ashless Quantitative Filter Papers are specially treated for critical quantitative analytical techniques requiring increased wet-strength and handling capacity. These high purity filter papers have a tough, smooth surface free of loose fibers and are ideal for collecting wet precipitates.

Grade 74 is a 2.0µm, a medium flow rate, filter with a good particle retention and is the most commonly used acid-washed filter. It covers a wide range of general ashless filtration application and is used for gravimetric analysis of numerous components (e.g.: cements, copper, clay, bismuth, silicon, iron) found in heavy industries such as construction, mining, or steel. Grade 74 is also used as a high purity filter for speeding filtering of trace elements such as silver chromate, lead sulfate, zinc, and ammonium hydroxides. It is also found in general soil analysis for separating solids for aqueous extracts.

Key Features

  • Retention: 2.0µm
  • Filtration Speed: 229 sec/100mls (Herzberg), 30 mls/min (Rapidity)
  • Medium Loading Capacity
  • Equivalent to Grade 40
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5.50 cm Pack of 100
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