Ahlstrom 141 Glass Microfiber Filter Papers

These 3.1µm, fast speed Ahlstrom 141 Glass Microfiber Filter Papers offer better filtration speed and a higher loading capacity than an analytical filter paper of similar particle retention. Grade 141 is particularly recommended for pre-filtration of membrane filters and is also used in combination with Grade 121 as a highly efficient protective and retentive grade density pre-filter for membrane filters.

Standard glass microfiber filters contain no binders or other additives that may cause interference to sensitive enzymatic or other chemical reactions. The unique characteristics of glass microfiber make its use particularly advantageous to laboratory filtration by enabling fast filtration of large volume and difficult solutions without premature clogging.

Key Features

  • Retention: 3.1µm
  • Filtration Speed: 19 sec/100mls (Herzberg), 350 mls/min (Rapidity)
  • Very High Loading Capacity
  • Equivalent to Grade GF/D
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4.25 cm Pack of 100
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