Your Go-To Guide for Smarter, Safer Sampling

Sampling is like that best friend we sometimes forget to invite to the party - but we sure notice when they're missing! It's a crucial part of any process, especially in the food and beverage industry, where quality control, testing, and data analysis are key. Even though samples might not take center stage, they certainly play an important part backstage.

However, just like that forgotten party invite, sometimes we overlook the importance of a great sampling technique... until we face the party-poopers of our process: cross contamination, pollution, hardware malfunction, or workplace injuries. Now that's a bummer!

So how do we keep the party going smoothly? Enter: sterile, single-use sampling tools. These affordable, innovative heroes can save your operation budget, boost productivity, and keep contamination at bay.

But before we dive into that, let's chat about what makes a good sample. It's simple: you need enough samples for a solid analysis, and each sample must represent the entire lot. Sounds fair, right?

Simplify your sampling process with Dippas sampling cup

First up, we have Dippas – our sterile, single-use dipper and sample container. This is a lifesaver for those dealing with liquid processing. Imagine having a trusty dipper that also doubles as a sample container. No more skimming surface liquid or struggling with hard-to-clean outlet taps. Plus, you're assured that your dipper is squeaky clean and sterilized - every single time!

And here's the cherry on top: after you're done sampling, cap the container with a leakproof cover, snap off the handle, and off it goes for analysis. Easy as pie!

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Sampling bag

Say goodbye to sampling bags tearing during transport

Next up, let's talk about sample storage. Sometimes, all you need is a good ol' plastic bag to carry your samples. That's where our sterile sampling bags come in. They're strong, sealable, and designed specifically for the F&B industry. And guess what? They come with a puncture-proof sealing tag for extra security.

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Eliminate sample carryover and avoid lab injuries

Last, but certainly not least, we have our low-cost, disposable plastic pipets. These unbreakable heroes are great alternatives to glass pipettes, ensuring you never have to worry about lab injuries from broken glass or residue material in the rubber bulb. Your lab assistant will be thanking you for all those saved hours of washing and sterilizing every week!

Our warehouses are fully stocked. So you’ll never have to worry about lead time on these handy, essential products that make your sampling process smarter and safer. Order a bunch of them for your peace of mind and you can return to your more important tasks at hand.

Plastic pipettes