855-Series Anaerobic Chamber Glove Box

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Ext. Dimensions:
55"W x 35"D x 38"H
Int. Dimensions:
41"W x 28"D x 26"H
Shipping Weight:
17.3 Cubic Feet (489L)
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The 855-Series Anaerobic Chamber Glove Box has been designed or manually controlling the atmosphere when working with Oxygen sensitive materials. It is perfect for working in situations requiring low levels of Oxygen during critical isolation of the operator or research materials. Any inert gas may be used.

Its main advantage is minimizing the risk of Oxygen entry into the main working chamber. If trace amounts of Oxygen happen to enter the main chamber, the Catalyst Heater reduces it to water vapor. The drying train can then be activated to remove any excess water vapor.

The 855-AC is offered as a complete system ready to use. There are no other components required; just add the samples and gas of choice.

Key Features

  • Standard 24-month warranty (not gloves or consumables)
  • No installation. Comes ready to use
  • Over 50 years of anaerobic chamber manufacturing
  • Completely sealed design requires lower gas consumption, lower operating costs
  • Formed one-piece clear plastic top section with “Easy Clean” corners
  • Matched Die-Molded white thermoset bottom with “EasyClean” corners
  • Two vacuum diaphragm pumps, one each for the drying train and the transferring chamber (purging)
  • Drying train includes three (3) clear plastic canisters filled with Molecular Sieve
  • All controls are illuminated
  • “Bright Light” system (40,000 hour lamp guarantee)
  • White ambidextrous Hypalon gloves.