0.01 ML Syringe

Conforms to APHA Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products. This syringe is used for the rapid and convenient transfer of 0.01 ml milk or cream. It comes equipped with a semi-automatic, spring actuated plunger which never comes in contact with the sample. The charge is completely held in the stainless steel needle. The needle is completely removable for thorough cleaning. Each syringe has been adjusted, calibrated and certified accurate: the weight of test charge will average 0.0103 g ±0.0005 g H2O. Complete with certificate of accuracy. Serialized.

Re-calibration of 0.01 ML Syringe.
Complete with updated certificate of accuracy. Existing syringe must be returned to Weber Scientific with a copy of your purchase order.

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0.01 ML Syringe
0.01 ML Syringe Each
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Re-calibration of 0.01 ML Syringe
Re-calibration of 0.01 ML Syringe Each
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