Pseudalert™ (IDEXX)

P. aeruginosa in pool/spa water can cause “hot-tub rash,” “swimmer’s ear” and a host of other infections, while contamination of bottled water can lead to illness in sensitive populations. Now detect P. aeruginosa in 24 hours.

  • Use for presence/absence (P/A) detection or with the Quanti-Tray® or Quanti-Tray®/2000 for most probable number (MPN) enumeration.
  • Delivers definitive results with no additional confirmation steps.
  • Minimizes the risk of false positives from nontarget organisms.
How to Use Pseudalert Quantification
Step 1. Add reagent to sample.
Step 2. Shake to dissolve.
Step 3. Add 2 drops anti-foam solution #WAFDB
Step 4. Pour into Quanti-Tray or Quanti-Tray®/2000.
Step 5. Seal in Quanti-Tray sealer and incubate for 24-28 hours at 38°C.
Step 6. Under UV light count fluorescent wells and refer to most probable number (MPN) table.

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