Beer Spoilage Micro Test Kit (Microbiologique)

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The Beer Spoilage Micro Test kit was developed to rapidly detect major spoilage microorganisms within 3 hours directly from a spoiled beer sample or 2 hours following a 24- 48 hour enrichment step (recommended for clear beer).

This kit is intended for the detection of specific spoilage-causing wild yeasts (Saccharomyces diastaticus, Brettanomyces) and bacteria (Lactic acid bacteria, Megasphaera and Pectinatus) in beer.

  • Simultaneous detection of beer spoilage organisms: Brettanomyces, Lactic acid Bacteria (including hop-resistant strains), Megasphaera, Pectinatus, Saccharomyces diastaticus and Zygosaccharomyces
  • Detection of spoilage organisms in spoiled products in 3 hours:
    Limit of detection: 103 to 104 cells/mL
  • Detection of spoilage organisms by enrichment:
    Limit of Detection: 1 - 10 cells/mL Sample enrichment: 24 - 48 hr PCR operation and detection: 2 hr

Kit Components (24 tests)

  • Lysis Solution (100 μL)
  • Taq Bead (3 strips of 8 tubes)
  • PCR Buffer (1.5 mL)
  • Lateral Flow Strips (24 strips)
  • Detection Reagent (4 mL)

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