Transferpette® Electronic Pipet (BrandTech)

Offers the convenience and automation of a motorized electronic pipet. The result is an accurate, ergonomic instrument for use in most laboratory applications. It is available in two volume ranges for reliable dispensing of volumes from 2µL to 1000µL with an autoclavable pipet shaft.

The microprocessor controlled Transferpette® electronically automates piston movement which greatly reduces the imprecision and inaccuracy caused by operator variability. It is lightweight and has an ergonomic side mounted pipetting key and low-force operation for relaxed, low-fatigue pipetting and reduced tip ejection forces. The soft-touch pipetting key, adjustable finger-rest, and innovative tip cone minimize operational forces.

Five convenient operating modes improve productivity and increase sample throughput: standard pipetting, sample mixing, reverse pipetting, dispensing, and gel loading.

Equipped with the innovative Easy Calibration™ system that reduces the need for off-site calibration and simplifies conformity with ISO/GLP guidelines. Pipets are supplied with battery and charging adapter, certificate of calibration, operating manual, and one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Description/Item No. Inaccuracy Inaccuracy/Imprecision Increments (µL) Mfr. Item No. Volume Range Your Cost/Qty Purchase
Transferpette® Electronic Pipet
±0.8% 0.002 0.2 705323 20 - 200
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Transferpette® Electronic Pipet
±0.6% 0.002 1 705326 100 - 1000
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