Traceable® One-Shot™ Conductivity Standards (Traceable)

  • Nominal Value: 10-1000 Micro (mhos/siemens)
  • Certified Reference Material
  • 100% compatible with all conductivity meters
  • Accuracy: certificate stated uncertainty, or ±0.25 microsiemen or ±0.25%

Single-use conductivity standards calibrate all conductivity meters and probes for maximum accuracy. One-Shots eliminate concern about external container contamination. Calibration is made in the standard’s vial. Container fits all probes. Extra-large opening (1-3/4-inches diameter) and extra-large, 3-1/2-inches depth allow probe calibration to take place in the standard’s polyethylene container.

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Description/Item No. Range Micro (mhos/siemens) Mfr. Item No. Qty. Your Cost/Qty Purchase
Traceable® One-Shot™ Conductivity Standards
10 4175 6 x 100mL
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Traceable® One-Shot™ Conductivity Standards
100 4176 6 x 100mL
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Traceable® One-Shot™ Conductivity Standards
1000 4177 6 x 100mL
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