Swabbing Kit for Allergen Test Kits (bioavid Diagnostics/r-biopharm)

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Store the test kit at room temperature (2 – 25°C).


25 Sample Vials
25 Cotton Swabs
25 Pasteur Pipets
1 Dropper Bottle with Buffer Concentrate (10 mL)


Add 1 ml of water into a sample vial.
Add 3 drops (0.1 ml) buffer concentrate into the sample vial.
Dry surfaces: moisten a cotton swab in the sample vial.
Wet surfaces: Swab the area of interest thoroughly using a dry swab.
Release the swabbed sample into the remaining liquid in the sample vial.

To test for an allergen, add a specified amount of drops (using a Pasteur pipet) of the extract into a reaction vial of an allergen detection kit.