Snapshot™ ATP Integrated Device

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Biotrace Uni-Lite XCEL
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Utilizing the same patented snap-valve and liquid enzyme reagent technology found in Ultrasnap, Snapshot is the super economical alternative suitable for many luminometers. Not only can Snapshot offer huge savings per test, it has been meticulously calibrated and tested to duplicate the sensitivity of competitive ATP swab devices. You will achieve identical results with Snapshot!

Snapshot has many other benefits as well. It is a sterile, all-in-one integrated device that has a pre-wetted swab, a robust and reproducible liquid enzyme reagent (no freeze-dried pellet reconstitution), contains no glass, and is easy and ready-to-use. Results are within 30 seconds.

Simply swab the surface to be tested, place the swab back into the holder, snap the integrated valve, squeeze the bulb to wash the reagent over the swab, and place the device into the instrument. It really works like a charm!

Ordering information. 100 per pack. Refrigeration required.


Model Replaces (device) Manufacturer Specific Advantages

Lightning® MVP

Lightning BioControl

• easier to handle and activate
• printed identification label
• shaft will not break during activation

Uni-Lite® XCEL



• drops straight into instrument
• pre-moistened swab for better sample pickup
• increased shelf life for less waste (12 vs. 6 months)

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