Lumitester™ Smart (Kikkoman)

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  • Hygiene monitoring in three easy steps
  • Visualize the data with App
  • Access from anywhere with cloud storage

ATP+ADP+AMP with A3 Detection

MEASURE: Easy-to-use, results within 10 seconds

Step 1: Swab — Swab the sample and insert the swab into main body

Step 2: Measure — Shake well and insert into the Lumitester

Step 3: Analyze — Measurements (RLU) displayed within 10 seconds

UNDERSTAND: App to continuously monitor multiple data

Recorded data can be displayed in time-series by registering with the specialized App. Inspection pass rates are automatically graphed and improvements can be visualized. Employees will be more conscious of hygiene, and will maintain a high standard of environmental sanitation, which will help build greater trust in your business.

CONNECT: Centralized multi-site data with cloud data management

Data will be stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This will allow fast detection and response to any problems that may arise.