foodproof® StarPrep One Kit (BIOTECON Diagnostics)

The foodproof StarPrep One Kit is designed for the rapid preparation of DNA from Gram-negative bacteria like Salmonella or Cronobacter for direct use in PCR. Up to 96 samples can be processed in parallel. In less than 30 minutes, preparation with this Lysis Buffer yield PCR template DNA from 100 μl (or more) of enrichment cultures. The obtained DNA can be used directly in any PCR application. The special Lysis Buffer eliminates the need for hazardous organic extractions or chaotropic agents. The reduced number of handling steps results in time savings and, because transfer steps of DNA containing extracts are not necessary, cross-contamination risks are minimized as well as the exposure to biohazardous material.


  • Cells are lysed during incubation in the foodproof StarPrep One Kit lysis buffer
  • After centrifugation, the DNA is in the supernatant and ready to use


  • Fast and flexible DNA extraction from food
  • Successfully tested with hundreds of food matrices, animal feed and 
 environmental samples including PPS
  • Validated and certified by internationally recognized institutions such as AOAC, MicroVal, NordVal and DAFF
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foodproof® StarPrep One Kit
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foodproof® StarPrep One Kit
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