foodproof® Listeria Genus Detection LyoKit (BIOTECON Diagnostics)

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The foodproof ® Listeria Genus Detection Kits are based on real-time PCR technology, which is well-established in the food industry as a highly sensitive and specific detection method.

  • Fast: 24 h to result with < 40 min of hands-on time. New rapid enrichment media reduces the enrichment time to max. 22 h
  • Safe: Prevention of false-negative results by internal control and prevention of carry-over contamination using Uracil-NGlycosylase
  • Easy: Convenient, complete solution included DNA extraction and real-time PCR analysis
  • Sensitive: 1-10 cfu/25 g sample, including enrichment

100% Inclusivity: A total of 105 Listeria strains of 7 Listeria species tested

100% Exclusivity: 56 strains tested including closely related organisms and microorganisms of the same habitat