Food Thermometers

Antimicrobial Waterproof Type K Thermocouple Food Thermometer (Comark C48)

Item No.: 3370-30

With BioCote® based antimicrobial agent molded right into the case!

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Coolit-Rite™ Digital Thermometer with Super-Long Stem (Cooper-Atkins TTM41)

Item No.: 3370-75

Accurately monitors when food is correctly cooled

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Flash Check™ Waterproof Food Service Thermometer (DeltaTRAK 15000)

Item No.: 3370-40

Designed for speedy temperature response!

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HACCP Dual Temp Infrared and Thermocouple

“2-in-1– waterproof IR thermometer for food safety and HACCP temperature monitoring

HACCP Touch Data Recorder (Comark HT100)

Proves that your critical temperature records are correct

Traceable® Extra-Extra Long-Probe Waterproof Thermometer (Traceable)

Item No.: 3517-70

20 inches created for deep vessels

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Waterproof Pocketherm Digital Thermometer (Comark P250FW)

Item No.: 3370-20

Colored LEDs indicates critical temperature zones

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