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Lumitester™ Smart with A3 technology from Kikkoman



ATP+ADP+AMP with A3 Detection

MEASURE: Easy-to-use, results within 10 seconds
Step 1: Swab — Swab the sample and insert the swab into main body
Step 2: Measure — Shake well and insert into the Lumitester
Step 3: Analyze — Measurements (RLU) displayed within 10 seconds

UNDERSTAND: App to continuously monitor multiple data
Recorded data can be displayed in time-series by registering with our specialized App. Inspection pass rates are automatically graphed and improvements can be visualized. Employees will be more conscious of hygiene, and will maintain a high standard of environmental sanitation, which will help build greater trust in your business.

CONNECT: Centralized multi-site data with cloud data management
Data will be stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This will allow fast detection and response to any problems that may arise.

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100 Incredible Life Hacks That Make Life So Much Easier


All of us want to carry out our activities in an easier way, with lower cost and that saves time. Using a life hack can free up your time so that you can devote more time for your other work. Smart life hacks are the tricks or the shortcut skills used to do the work. Moreover, it is interesting to learn things that could be better done or in a smart way. The work done smartly increases your productivity and creativity.

Here are 100 of the most practical life hacks you can pick up and use right away! 

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Weber Brand Disposable Petri Dishes

Disposable Petri Dishes plastic.jpg

Weber® Petri Dishes are an Outstanding Value for Such Excellent Quality

An outstanding value for a truly “industry standard” top-quality culture dish. 100% sterility guaranteed. Excellent optical clarity with no cracks or stress marks. Heavyweight. Consistently flat bottoms with no more than 0.005” off flat from edge to center. Excellent packaging.

50 of the most beautiful photos taken in 2019 - Amazing!


Sea of Ice NLT.jpg

On November 6, 2019 photography app Agora celebrated the year’s best photos at the annual AGORA Awards in Barcelona, Spain. The nominated images were taken by photographers from 21 countries around the world, after more than 130,000 submissions were received. Finally, Agora awarded photographer Michael Aboya with the top prize.

From a photo showing seals in Antarctica to a portrait of a saint in Pakistan, here are the 50 finalists of this year’s contest.

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Farber Pham Diastaticus Medium (FPDM)


FPDM Bottle-germs.jpg

In conjunction with University of the Sciences, Weber Scientific is pleased to announce the launch of a novel microbiological media for the detection and enrichment of Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus. Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus is a wild yeast contaminant which represents a major beer spoilage threat. Product contamination has led to costly product recalls as infection may lead to off-flavors, over-attenuation, and over-carbonation, potentially causing gushing beer, exploding packages, or non-compliance with federal reporting of alcohol by volume. Unlike Lin’s Cupric Sulfate Medium (LCSM), this new formulation supports growth of all diastaticus strains tested and inhibits the growth of traditional brewer’s yeast. Brewers can now access a quick and reliable method to test for diastaticus contamination at all points of the brewing process.


  • A wide variation of diastaticus strains will grow on FPDM, including those that will not grow on LCSM, as confirmed by PCR analysis
  • FPDM promotes stronger growth of diastaticus colonies as compared to LCSM alone 
  • Growth becomes visible as soon as 48 hours after inoculation when incubated at 30°C
  • FPDM is confirmed to inhibit multiple strains of traditional brewing yeast
  • Samples can be taken from fermenting beer, finished beer, yeast slurries, and environmental swabs 
  • Diastaticus strains, which promote over-attenuation, produce zones of clearing around colonies, allowing easier identification
  • FPDM will detect diastaticus strains regardless of the strain’s ability to sporulate or over-attenuate

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If You Can Spot The Difference In These Sets Of Images, You’re Guaranteed To Have 20/20 Vision


This quiz will show you two side-by-side images that are identical except for ONE difference. The difference will always appear in the RIGHT image. All you have to do is click or tap on the difference.

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FREE! Stainless Steel Straw Set

Blue Straw set NLT.jpg

Yours FREE with every order of $150 or more

This Stainless Steel Straw set is a reusable solution to disposable plastic straws. Whether you’re drinking smoothies, pressed juice, or iced coffee, steel straws make sipping safe and easy. These metal straws are made from high quality stainless steel with a safe, food grade, removable silicone flex tip. Set comes with a Straw Brush for easy cleaning. No more plastic, just the best steel drinking straws for your favorite beverages on the go. 

  • Minimize waste with these reusable straw kits.
  • Kits include two stainless steel straws, two wire cleaning brushes and silicone tips.
  • The straws are  9-1/2” long and 1/4” in diameter.
  • Bag size: 11-1/8” x 3-1/4”.

Hurry – while supplies last!

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Please include the Gift Code WS0920 when placing an order via website, phone or fax. 

When ordering on the website place this Gift Code in the "Notes/Instruction" field at check out (and not in the "Promo Code" box).

Serving Science in the Fight Against COVID-19

COVID-19 NLT.jpg

Weber Scientific is leveraging our global network of suppliers to make sure we have stock on the products you need most. We are working with multiple suppliers and receiving staggered shipments to ensure inventory is on the shelves when you need it. 

Check our COVID-19 Critical Products page often as we continue building inventory levels on gloves, face masks, face shields, goggles,  thermometers, sanitizer and other critical PPE items.

Request the 2019-20 Product Catalog

2019-20 Catalog Cover.jpgOur 2019-20 specialized 265-page Lab Book is dedicated to dairy, food and water testing. Inside, you'll find many exclusive and hard-to-find items, not to mention other great reasons to go with Weber:

  • Heavily discounted prices without any of the hassle
  • Free freight upgrades and expedited service at our expense--not yours
  • No-nonsense 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can order with complete confidence

Request your 2019-20 catalog today!


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