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OCTOBER 1, 2019
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How to Cook a Meal (Almost) Entirely Out of Flowers


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At a new New York restaurant, Il Fiorista, florals are everywhere — even on the plate. Its team shares tips and recipes for bringing the garden to your own kitchen.

The restaurant will begin with dinner service. Its menu, developed by chef Garrison Price, focuses on all the ways that humans can eat and drink flowers: chamomile-rubbed chicken with rose-petal-infused harissa, crudos sprinkled with fennel pollen and pickled fennel flowers. He and bar director Gates Otsuji have spent the past weeks fermenting, preserving and pickling enough flowers and flower-adjacent items that the venue has taken on a second life as a sort of mad botanists’ laboratory. Next will come lunch, breakfast, coffee and, of course, tea; there will also be a table at the front of the shop with a la carte stems of flowers that diners can buy to take home with them, plus a variety of bouquets arranged by the florist Mindy Cardozo; they will be selling books and home goods in their on-site shop, and hope to develop their own line of kitchen and beauty products sometime soon. Their main goal, though, is to educate their customers about the health and wellness properties of edible flowers.


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Conical 15mL and 50mL centrifuge tubes are made of premium polypropylene for clarity and centrifugal strength. They are supplied sterile, and although they are autoclavable, their polyethylene screw caps are not. Caps have a flat top surface for easy marking and labeling. Available in sterile racks or sterile bags.

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Craft Brewers Share Favorite Tailgate Beers




The leaves change, nights get crisp, and football thankfully returns to the lives of millions Americans around the country. The coming of football season induces waves of excitement, and sometimes anxiety, as your team launches into its schedule. Hopefully, choosing which tailgate beer to pack in the cooler for game days only elicits the first of those emotions.

We all have a few go-to tailgate beers, even the folks who make them. So here are the beers that ten craft brewers will be stocking up on this football season.


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The most popular dessert the year you were born


Dessert trends come and go, but a sweet tooth is forever. Whether you were born in the 1950s, during the era of elaborate chiffon cakes, pineapple upside down cakes, and Jello everything — or the 1990s, during the reign of molten lava cakes and gigantic frosted cupcakes, dessert trends have certainly changed throughout the 20th century and beyond. Some of these desserts you’d find on practically every restaurant menu at the peak of their popularity, and others could be found in the trendiest cookbooks and on the back of Betty Crocker mixes in your local grocery store.  

Here are almost 60 years of sugary classics, some of which endured the test of time and others that were merely a flash in the baking pan. Which dessert was the most popular the year you were born? Find out here, and then whip one up for a true taste of nostalgia.


Spiciest tortilla chip in the world is sold one chip per package


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get pepper-sprayed directly in your mouth, Paqui Chips has something you can’t afford to miss. Following the success of their Carolina Reaper Madness One Chip Challenges back in 2016 and 2017, Food & Wine reports that the company has re-released the sadistic snack. Continuing their part-marketing gimmick, part-public safety effort, the Reaper chip won’t be sold in bags. You just get one chip.

That’s because Paqui dusts its chips with the Carolina Reaper Pepper, considered the world’s hottest, and most (attempted) consumers of the chip report being unable to finish even one. To drive home the point of how hot this chip is—it’s really, extremely, punishingly hot—the chip is sold in a tiny coffin-shaped box.


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Upcoming Event

Come Join Us!  We will be attending this upcoming conference highlighting many new and exciting products.

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QCS Leadership Conference 
October 27-29, 2019 
The Omni Nashville Hotel
Nashville, Nashville, TN

In attendance will be Sharon Wilson and Asif Rahman.


Sharon Wilson
Vice President of Marketing and Product Development

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Asif Rahman
Sales Manager

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Tom Boudreau
Market Specialist, Beer


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