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NOVEMBER 1, 2016
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13 Foods You Can't Share with Your Pet


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We all know not to give our pets grapes and chocolate, but there are a few ‘people foods’ that go unnoticed. Even though many people say cats love milk, most cats are lactose intolerant and can get sick from milk. If you have marijuana, never let your pup eat it, as it can cause nervous system damage. Definitely don’t share alcohol, it can be fatal to your pets, so never give them anything containing alcohol, not even a little bit.


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Very Special Savings on
Weber DB™  Sterilized Pre-filled Dilution Bottles
20% OFF with Promo Code DB20


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Weber DB™ Sterilized Pre-filled Dilution Bottles


Butterfield’s Buffer for Foods and Dairy Products (APHA, FDA, AOAC or USP methods) 
Contains purified water, monobasic potassium phosphate, and sodium hydroxide for pH adjustment.

Phosphate Buffer for Water/Wastewater and Dairy Products (APHA or EPA methods) 
Contains magnesium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, and sodium hydroxide for pH adjustment.

Every bottle is pre-filled to either 99 or 90 mL ± 2 mL, buffered to pH 7.2 ± 0.2, has an overall capacity of 150 mL, and is recyclable.  


This is a Limited Time Offer that is good until further notice!
Ordering Hint: Our case contains 72 bottles, compared to 66 for some brands.

Please enter the promotional code DB20 into the "Promo Code" box during checkout and the sale price will be applied. Order online using the link above. You can also call in the order at 800-328-8378 or fax the order to 609-584-8388.

New Peel Plate® Microbial Tests Have Major Improvements Over Older Methods


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As the number of microbiology tests performed in the food industry increases due to companies meeting new regulatory requirements, fulfilling customer demands and with added emphasis on internal QA/QC programs, efforts are being made to streamline testing methods–both hands-on time to set up a test and time to final result.

One important line of development has been to improve ready-to-use plates in which the only requirement is to add sample without the need for molten agar. The latest, and most significant improvement, is the Peel Plate® developed by Charm Sciences and available from Weber Scientific. 

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On Tap at Guinness: Strawberry Porter


Open Gate.jpg

Megabrands seek to win back drinkers with craftlike innovation.

Ale infused with juniper, sage, and dandelion. A strawberry and basil porter. A beer brewed with lactose, giving it a smooth, creamy feel on the palate. Such concoctions sound like the brainchild of a startup in Boulder, Berkeley, or Berlin? Think again. The beers are on tap at the Open Gate Brewery, a small-batch pub on the back side of the vast Guinness plant in central Dublin. “We’ve got license to do anything we want,” says Peter Simpson, the master brewer in charge of the project.

And by that, he really means anything. When an American brewer named Heather came for a visit, they honored her with a beer flavored with heather. A member of the Guinness team loves plums; a damson plum brew followed. And for a brewer’s wedding? Ferment to Be, a beer made something like champagne, with a secondary fermentation in the bottle. Simpson’s team cooks up test brews almost daily and offers pub-goers a new beer every two weeks or so.

Open Gate highlights Big Beer’s efforts to cope with the growing popularity of the offerings of small startups.

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Put together a Peel Plate Testing Package with Weber Scientific and save up to 25¢ per test!


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Contact your Account Manager or Customer Service to receive exclusive discounted pricing on essential accessories.

For example, Save 25% off on Weber DB™ sterilized pre-filled dilution bottles and 20% off selected swab sample collection systems.

Peel Plate EB and EBHV NLT.jpg

The new Peel Plate microbial tests are simplified culture methods for detecting micro-organisms.  Tests are available for Aerobic Plate Count (AC), Coliform (CC), Coliform and E. coli (EC), Enterobacteriaceae (EB) and Yeast and Molds (Y&M). The APC, EC Plates are AOAC-RI and PMO-NCIMS approved. The YM is AOAC approved. 

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Dairy Farmer Combines Two Passions to Create Memories


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Growing up on a Wisconsin dairy farm taught Danae Bauer the value of hard work. That work ethic then helped to turn her passion for photography to a full-time career snapping pictures.

Watch Video.

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Top 10 food safety myths and facts 


Here are some popular — and dangerous — myths and their factual counterparts

MYTH: If I microwave food, the microwaves kill the bacteria, so the food is safe.

FACT: Microwaves aren’t what kill bacteria – it’s the heat generated by microwaves that kills bacteria in foods. Microwave ovens are great time-savers and will kill bacteria in foods when heated to a safe internal temperature.

However, foods can cook unevenly because they may be shaped irregularly or vary in thickness. Even microwave ovens equipped with a turntable can cook unevenly and leave cold spots in food, where harmful bacteria can survive.

MYTH: Cross contamination doesn’t happen in the refrigerator — it is too cold in there for germs to survive.

Get the Facts, Read more.



How the Donner Party Inspired the Invention of 
Condensed Milk

Cond. Milk sm.jpg

The tragedy of the Donner Party led inventor Gail Borden to develop condensed milk in 1853 (after inventing the less commercially successful condensed meat). Here's a thoughtful video essay on the topic of food packaging and how it's sometimes inspired by tragedy.
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Request the 2016-17 Product Catalog

2016-17 COVER-NLT.jpgOur 2016-17 specialized 265-page Buyer's Guide is dedicated to dairy, food and water testing. Inside, you'll find many exclusive and hard-to-find items, not to mention other great reasons to go with Weber:

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