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MAY 1, 2020
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AllerSnap High Sensitivity Protein Residue Test




Pre-moistened swab provides reliable collection recovery and detection

AllerSnap is a quick and easy way to verify the cleanliness of surfaces by detecting protein residues left behind after cleaning. By simply swabbing the area and activating the device, you release a reagent that turns color, providing a qualitative and semi-quantitative result of the protein levels on the surface: green means clean and purple means re-clean. The more protein present, the quicker the color change to purple and the darker the color. AllerSnap quickly validates surface hygiene, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken when necessary.


  • Results in 15-30 minutes depending on sensitivity requirements
  • Proactive, qualitative approach to verification 
  • Broad range, non-specific protein screening is more cost-effective when specific tests are not required
  • Eliminates mistakes and waste
  • No separate wetting agent required
  • No reconstitution step ensure consistent repeatable results


Only A TV Ace Can Name The Show By The Picture Of Its Intro


We either spend a couple of minutes or less watching the intros to our favorite television shows each week, or we skip them (or run to get a snack). Some series have the most annoying opening credits sequences ever. But there are also a handful of really great ones that we look forward to watching every time. 

Can you name the iconic TV show by a still image from their intro? 


Lumitester™ Smart with A3 technology from Kikkoman




ATP+ADP+AMP with A3 Detection

MEASURE: Easy-to-use, results within 10 seconds
Step 1: Swab — Swab the sample and insert the swab into main body
Step 2: Measure — Shake well and insert into the Lumitester
Step 3: Analyze — Measurements (RLU) displayed within 10 seconds

UNDERSTAND: App to continuously monitor multiple data
Recorded data can be displayed in time-series by registering with our specialized App. Inspection pass rates are automatically graphed and improvements can be visualized. Employees will be more conscious of hygiene, and will maintain a high standard of environmental sanitation, which will help build greater trust in your business.

CONNECT: Centralized multi-site data with cloud data management
Data will be stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This will allow fast detection and response to any problems that may arise.

More information...

13 Foods You Should Never Eat Past the Expiration Date



Think the sniff test can protect you from foodborne illness? Not when these items are involved.

Looks and smells can sometimes be deceiving (taking a whiff of the milk carton is not an exact science), which is why those expiration dates stamped on the packaging can guide you in the right direction and help prevent illness. From creamy cheeses to sandwich staples, it’s best to toss these foods once they’re past their given expiration date unless you want to roll the dice on an extra sick day.

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Hinged Lid Sampling Vials from Thermo Scientific–Capitol Vial


Industry standard vials, available in a variety of sizes, are made of autoclavable and recyclable translucent polypropylene.  The patented airtight and leakproof hinged cap allows one-hand operation — reducing the chance of contamination.  Plus no chance of the caps being placed on the wrong vial.  Each container can be marked only once...no need to mark both cap and vial. Manufactured in strict compliance with all bacterial requirements of the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO).  

Weber Scientific now offers FREE FREIGHT on our best-selling styles of Capitol sampling vials.  We now pay the freight if you buy 14 or more cases or pallet quantities (24 cases per pallet).


In this issue



Color Changing LED Alarm Clock


Yours FREE with every order of $200 or more

Night lights are for grownups too!
The soothing progression from color to color makes falling asleep as gentle as possible. The light-up digital clock features not only the time setting, but also date, temperature and alarm modes. Comes with four replaceable AAA batteries and two replaceable button-cell batteries, so it can be used right out of the box.

Size: 3-1/8” x 3-1/8” x 3-1/8”


Hurry – while supplies last!

Click here for details!

Please include the Gift Code WS0520 when placing an order via website, phone or fax. 

When ordering on the website place this Gift Code in the "Notes/Instruction" field at check out (and not in the "Promo Code" box).

Craziest Things People Turned Into Houses


Home sweet home. Where we choose to live is a big part of our identity. It affects every aspect of how we live, which is why the architects and artists on this list have taken the traditional concept of a home and turned it into something very cool, and at times very strange.

This list features the craziest things that people have turned into a home, from toilets to seashells to beer cans. Peoples’ reasoning for the changes vary. Some design the house for the artistic thrill, while others did it to save money or create eco-friendly housing.

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