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JUNE 1, 2017
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5 Creative Ways to Open Wine Without a Corkscrew




Who needs a corkscrew? These resourceful folks give new meaning to "I need a glass of wine now."

You wouldn't let a little thing like not having a corkscrew stop you from enjoying that bottle of wine you just bought, right? Seriously, if MacGyver can light a fuse without a match or build a bomb out of a fire extinguisher, there has to be some kind of creative alternative to the corkscrew.

Watch these videos to see the lengths to which people will go to open a bottle of wine in a pinch. If necessity isn't the mother of invention, the desire for a glass of wine certainly is.

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Weber Scientific Disposable Nitrile Gloves
Powder-Free Food Grade – 4 mil thick. Light blue. Ambidextrous latex-free gloves are strong yet soft, flexible and com­fortable. Micro-textured fingers for secure wet or dry handling. Excellent tactile sensitivity and dexterity.  Beaded cuffs for easy don­ning. 9.5” length.

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Can Somatic Cell Counts Get Too Low? 



A high somatic cell count (SCC) is undesirable from the standpoint of quality, but some producers fear that a SCC that is too low might result in more cases of mastitis due to reduced bacteria-fighting capacity.

Somatic cells are white blood cells that fight infection and repair tissue damage. When the udder is infected, white blood cells move to the udder and into the milk to defend against the invading bacteria. This process is very important; without it, elimination of even mild cases of mastitis would be very slow with tissue damage increased. Somatic cell counts in the udder do not reflect the pool of cells which can be recruited from the blood to fight infections. Milk SCC simply measures the number of cells in the milk. The higher the SCC the greater the chance that the quarter is infected. The key to mastitis prevention is good management practices and healthy cows that can quickly fight mastitis battles when needed.

Read the full article in Dairy Herd.

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Weber Deionized Water

Tested to meet specifications according to Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 21st edition,9020:II Quality of Reagent Water Used in Microbiology Testing, and NELAC 4.1, Requirements for Laboratory Pure Water. Available in a 4 liter bottle and 20 liter jerrycan.


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Certified™ Digital Jumbo Display Thermometer (Control Co.)

Complete with
Certificate of Conformance at this price! 

Brand new top quality inventory.       

Dual display for in-outdoor temperature
Bottle probe contains non-toxic glycol
Dual outdoor temperature alarm settings
Max/Min temperature memory
°C / °F exchange
Waterproof sensor

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Watch this 30-minute video of craft beer’s annual State of the Industry presentation


Video Screen.jpg

 Things are changing in the craft beer industry. For starters, it’s an insanely crowded marketplace with more than 5,300 breweries across America right now. How is that increasing competition changing the industry for consumer and brewer? Well, maybe you should watch the video above, presented by Paul Gatza, director, and Bart Watson, chief economist for the Brewers Association.       


CAMTU Compressed Air Microbial Test Unit (Parker Balston)




Identify Sources of Contamination in Compressed Air and Improve Food Safety

The CAMTU compressed air microbial test unit identifies sources of contamination in compressed air. Compressed air is used in a broad range of applications in the food processing industry, such as mixing of ingredients, cutting, drying of product, transporting/propelling product through processing systems and packaging of final product. In many of these applications, compressed air is in direct contact or indirect contact with food product. The impurities in the compressed air may contaminate the food product, which can cause changes in color and taste, reduced shelf life, and exposure to bacteria and other micro-organisms. Such contamination can result in product recalls.


Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Constructed of durable polypropylene - easily sanitized
  • Pre-filled petri dishes with specialized tryptic soy agar designed to hold up to compressed air flow/pressure
  • No electrical supply required
  •  No refrigeration required for the petri dishes – 300 day shelf life
  •  Quick sampling time – 20 seconds

Click here for more information.




American Craft Beer Is Finally Getting Europe’s Respect




Back in the 1980s it went without saying that the best, most interesting brews came from Europe. Germany, Great Britain, and Belgium dominated the industry.

American craft brewers soon began mimicking those foreign beers, producing pale ales, pilsners, stouts, tripels and dubbels, bocks, and forerunners of what would become best-seller, IPA. The beers weren’t exactly the same as the ones from the old country, but they were good and they were fresh. And they only got better and better.

Read the full article in the Daily Beast.


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FREE Lab Flask Shot Glass


Yours FREE with every order of $100 or more
Own one of the world’s smallest (and cutest) Erlenmeyer flasks! It is good for small experiments of all kinds.

Let this novelty Lab Flask Shot Glass demonstrate better drinking through science! These are perfect whether you are blinded by science or blinded by huge quantities of CH3CH2OH. Holds 2 oz. (59 mL). 

Dimensions: 2.75” (7 cm) tall x 2.25” (5.7 cm) diameter at base.


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CDC Report on Incidence in Pathogens Transmitted Through Food for 2016


The CDC report describes 2016 surveillance data for nine pathogens: (Campylobacter, Cryptosporidium, Cyclospora, Listeria, Salmonella, STEC, Shigella, Vibrio, and Yersinia). The data of 2016 is compared with the data from 2013-2015. FoodNet identified 24,029 infections, 5,512 hospitalizations, and 98 deaths caused by these pathogens. The data include both incidents confirmed by culturing the organisms and culture-independent diagnostic tests (CIDTs). The change from culture methodology to CIDT creates new problem comparing data from this year to previous years … 

Read More


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Where are my Lab Bucks?

We didn’t forget your Lab Bucks…we’re going electronic! 

Another Green Initiative from Weber Scientific!

Effective March 21, 2016 we replaced the paper Lab Bucks with a new electronic Frequent Buyer Program.  This will be easier for you and will help us move towards our sustainability vision.  

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The 50 Best Beers in America


It’s American Craft Beer Week, and what better way to celebrate than by bending an elbow with 50 of this great country’s finest brews? Whether you’re a fan of decadent imperial stouts, mouth-puckering sours, or floral India pale ales, there’s something for everyone on this list. In no particular order, here are the picks for how to stock your beer fridge… Read more



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