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JANUARY 1, 2019
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Brewers Association Celebrates The Year in Beer




2018 year in craft beer highlighted by milestone brewery numbers, economic impact

As craft brewers continue to make waves in an evolving market, the Brewers Association—the not-for-profit trade association dedicated to small and independent American brewers—looked back on the craft brewing community’s contributions, highlights, and defining beer moments of the past year.

“The brewing landscape is shifting, yet small and independent breweries continue to find market success,” said Julia Herz, craft beer program director, Brewers Association. “Brewers are finding ways to differentiate themselves in a competitive market, become pillars of communities, and embrace new experiences and occasions to connect with beer lovers.


A New Detection Process is Transforming the Food Safety Ecosystem


A3 infographic.jpg


The LuciPac A3 Sanitation System

A3 testing can detect ATP, ADP and AMP - and was found by a recent study to be “a more sensitive and reliable indicator of sanitation” than a conventional ATP assay. The LuciPac A3 Sanitation System, distributed by Weber Scientific, detects ATP+ADP+AMP in a single swab to give you the whole picture.

To learn more about this laboratory sanitation product offered by Weber Scientific,
 CLICK HERE to view this infographic.

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Weber Scientific licenses new beer spoilage detection product


Weber Scientific entered into a license agreement with University of the Sciences in Philadelphia for the Farber Pham Diastaticus Medium (FPDM), a new microbiological medium for the detection of Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus, a wild yeast contaminant which represents a major beer spoilage threat. Product contamination has led to costly product recalls as infection has led to off-flavors, over-attenuation and over-carbonation, potentially causing gushing beer, exploding packages or non-compliance with federal reporting of alcohol by volume. A provisional patent has been filed to protect the invention.

Discovered by Matthew J. Farber, director of the University’s Brewing Science Certificate Program, FPDM is selective for all diastaticus strains tested while preventing growth of brewing yeast strains. It is effective as a solid agar medium for traditional plating or as a broth for enrichment culture.”



The 25 Most Important Cheeses in America, According to Cheese Experts 


The phrase American cheese used to mean only one thing: that floppy, pale orange plastic-wrapped slice of processed perfection. But when I use the phrase American cheese now, that’s not what I’m talking about. Instead, I’m referring to the incredible range of cheeses handcrafted in America—from young, tangy goat cheeses in Indiana to aged, nutty cow’s-milk cheese in Wisconsin; dessert-like blue cheeses from Oregon and complex, caramel-y clothbound cheddars from Vermont.

We’re living in a dairy renaissance, people! The golden age of American cheese! What a time to be alive!

But the cheese counter can be an intimidating place; good cheese does not come cheap. So I asked seven of the country’s leading cheese experts to share what they think are the most important (and most delicious) cheeses that define American dairy today.


Diner Finds Pearl Worth as Much as $4,000 at Grand Central Oyster Bar


Eating in a restaurant usually means money coming out of your pocket, but in this case, it seems it’s the other way around. According to the New York Post, a New Jersey man found a pearl inside of his $14.95 oyster pan roast at the Grand Central Oyster Bar earlier this month, and it could be worth thousands.

As the man, Rick Antosh, told the Post, originally, he thought he’d lost a tooth or a filling when he bit down on something hard, but to his surprise, it was a pea-sized pearl with a black spot on it. 

“This isn’t Joe’s Steakhouse. It’s the most famous oyster place in the United States,” Antosh told the Post. “I [assumed] it doesn’t happen often, but figured it happens at times.”

Although he didn’t say anything to the restaurant before he left, later, he was curious and called them to find out how often people find pearls in their food. The answer? As executive chef Sandy Ingber said, in the 28 years he’s worked at Grand Central Oyster Bar, this was only the second time he’d seen this happen.




Farber Pham Diastaticus Medium (FPDM)


FPDM Bottle-germs.jpg

In conjunction with University of the Sciences, Weber Scientific is pleased to announce the launch of a novel microbiological media for the detection and enrichment of Saccharomyces cerevisias var. diastaticus. Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus is a wild yeast contaminant which represents a major beer spoilage threat. Product contamination has led to costly product recalls as infection may lead to off-flavors, over-attenuation, and over-carbonation, potentially causing gushing beer, exploding packages, or non-compliance with federal reporting of alcohol by volume. Unlike Lin’s Cupric Sulfate Medium (LCSM), this new formulation supports growth of all diastaticus strains tested and inhibits the growth of traditional brewer’s yeast. Brewers can now access a quick and reliable method to test for diastaticus contamination at all points of the brewing process.

  • A wide variation of diastaticus strains will grow on FPDM, including those that will not grow on LCSM, as confirmed by PCR analysis
  • FPDM promotes stronger growth of diastaticus colonies as compared to LCSM alone
  • Growth becomes visible as soon as 48 hours after inoculation when incubated at 30°C
  • FPDM is confirmed to inhibit multiple strains of traditional brewing yeast
  • Samples can be taken from fermenting beer, finished beer, yeast slurries, and environmental swabs
  • Diastaticus strains which promote over-attenuation produce zones of clearing around colonies, allowing easier identification
  • FPDM will detect diastaticus strains regardless of the strain’s ability to sporulate or over-attenuate
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7 Imaginative Ways to Use Hot Chocolate Mix This Winter

chocolate cookies 2.jpg

You don’t need a mug to make these decadent treats.

It’s that time of year when the temperature outside is falling; we all enjoy a cup of hot chocolate to warm us on these frigid winter days. But hot cocoa mix is useful for more than just a pick-me-up in winter. Use up last year’s supply and make room for new boxes with these creative things to do with hot chocolate mix. 

Hot cocoa mix can actually be used as a cocoa powder substitute in your favorite chocolate desserts. Hot chocolate desserts, like hot chocolate cheesecake, hot chocolate sugar cookies, and hot chocolate pancakes, use store-bought powdered mix and go way beyond your mug.


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