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JANUARY 1, 2018
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Baxter Black: Barnyard Christmas Party


Barnyard party.jpg


What would a christmas office party look like in the barnyard? Cowboy poet Baxter Black tells the tale.

Watch the video…

Introducing the LuciPac A3 Sanitation System… 
Better Detection Means Better Protection

LuciPac A3 bkgd.jpg
  • Find what others can’t – results are an order of magnitude or higher than competitive products
  • Only the A3 System, distributed by Weber Scientific, detects ATP+ADP+AMP with one swab to give you the whole picture
More information! 

SAVE 40% Off Our Everyday 
Discounted Prices!


ClaviesAutoclavBag NLT.jpg

CLAVE™ General 
Purpose Autoclavable Bags


General purpose bags are used to sterilize paper fillers and a variety of other functions. Transparent bags are made of 2 mil polypropylene and can be steam sterilized at 250°F/121°C.

Bag Table2 NLT.jpgPlease enter the promotional code MN1217 into the "Promo Code" box during checkout and the sale price will be applied. Order online using the link above. You can also call in the order at 800-328-8378 or fax the order to 609-584-8388. 

Weber Scientific to exhibit at the 2018 International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta from Jan. 30th - Feb. 1st



The Expo brings together more than 1,200 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors. The trade show focuses on the latest technology of products and services.
Weber Scientific will be featuring:
AllergenControl Allergen Test kits – 30% off your first order
Kikkoman A3 Luminometer and Swabs – ATP+ADP+AMP 
= Better Detection for Better Protection
A wide range of Sanitation Supplies
Orion pH Meters
Poultry and Meat Sampling Supplies
And Much Much More!
We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta – Booth C1109!
For more information on IPPE

The top 25 beers of 2017



As 2017 came to a close, we can say this: there is a lot of good beer out there. More than ever before, in fact, which makes narrowing down this list all the more challenging. The folks at DRAFT Magazine with the help from their colleagues at All About Beer Magazine have sampled thousands of beers the past year. Looking back on the new or newly-packaged beers of the year, they found these 25 to stand out as the most interesting, innovative and well-executed of the field.


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Bouffant Caps.jpg

Bouffant Caps

Lightweight spun-bond polypropylene caps prevent hair and other particulates from contaminating the work environment. Standard white.
•  Roomy bouffant styling ensures a    non-binding fit
•  Heavy duty elastic band
•  High breathability
•  Lint-free
•  Flame retardant
•  Meets all FDA standards
•  Case of 1000 (10 bags of 100)

Bouf Cap Table.jpg

Please enter the
promotional code MN0118 into the "Promo Code" box during checkout and the sale price will be applied. Order online using the link above. You can also call in the order at 800-328-8378 or fax the order to 609-584-8388. 

Very Special Savings on Weber DB™  
Sterilized Pre-filled Dilution Bottles!

20% OFF with Promo Code DB20


Weber DB NLT.jpg

Weber DB™ Sterilized Pre-filled Dilution Bottles

Butterfield’s Buffer for Foods and Dairy Products (APHA, FDA, AOAC or USP methods) 
Contains purified water, monobasic potassium phosphate, and sodium hydroxide for pH adjustment.

Phosphate Buffer for Water/Wastewater and Dairy Products (APHA or EPA methods) 
Contains magnesium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, and sodium hydroxide for pH adjustment.

Every bottle is pre-filled to either 99 or 90 mL ± 2 mL, buffered to pH 7.2 ± 0.2, has an overall capacity of 150 mL, and is recyclable.


This is a Limited Time Offer that is good until further notice!

Ordering Hint: Our case contains 72 bottles, compared to 66 for some brands.

Please enter the promotional code DB20 into the "Promo Code" box during checkout and the sale price will be applied. Order online using the link above. You can also call in the order at 800-328-8378 or fax the order to 609-584-8388.

In this issue


Web Special: 


Lab Tumbler.jpg

Lab Tech Tumbler

Yours FREE with every order of only $250.

Custom Design Thermal Double-Wall Travel Tumbler

  • This tumbler features double-wall insulation that keeps hot   drinks hot and cold drinks cold.
  • A Snap-on lid featuring a slide pen mouthpiece ensures you don’t lose a drop.
  • Size:16 oz.
  • Made in America

FREE with every order of $250 or more. Hurry – Quantities are limited!

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Please include the Gift Code WS0118 when placing an order via website, phone or fax.
When ordering on the website place this Gift Code in the "Notes/Instruction" field at check out (and not in the "Promo Code" box).

Why the Vatican is using milk to paint its buildings


In a world that's changing by the day as a result of technology, it's refreshing to know that some things have remained the same for over 500 years. Nowhere is that more evident than at the Vatican, where milk is still used to repaint the exterior walls of the Belvedere Palace. 

With a technique that's been in use since 1484, the year the Belvedere Palace was built, Vatican staffers have been coating the walls with milk. By mixing the byproduct with slaked lime, Vatican workers hand-pat the solution to the walls in a method that's proven to "age better" than the most modern advancements in paint.


Top food safety stories include regs, recalls, 
respects this year

food safety egg.jpg

It was a year when there was finally a climax to several food safety sagas that stretched back over several years. And 2017 was a year of transition and turning the pages, though much of that remains incomplete.

Read the full article in Food Safety News.





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2017-18 Cat COVER NLT.jpgOur 2017-18 specialized 265-page Buyer's Guide is dedicated to dairy, food and water testing. Inside, you'll find many exclusive and hard-to-find items, not to mention other great reasons to go with Weber:

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