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FEBRUARY 1, 2018
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Worst Ever Laboratory Supplies Catalog Cover.


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50% off our best-selling alcohols for many uses around the laboratory.
Brand new top-quality inventory. 


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Alcohol, Iso-Propyl, 70% (2-Propanol)
70% solution (v/v).  Widely used for effective disinfecting.

Alcohol, Iso-Propyl (2-Propanol)     
For numerous laboratory procedures. 

Alcohol, Denatured (Ethyl Alcohol)    
Specially denatured formula #3-A.  In compliance with APHA Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products for fat testing, and suitable for many other laboratory procedures.

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Please enter the promotional code MN0218 into the "Promo Code" box during checkout and the sale price will be applied. Order online using the link above. You can also call in the order at 800-328-8378 or fax the order to 609-584-8388.



CDC names top five foodborne illnesses in United States 



Many different disease-causing germs can contaminate foods and there are many foodborne infections.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that each year 48 million people in the United States get sick from a foodborne illness. Of those, 128,000 require hospitalization and 3,000 die.

Researchers have identified more than 250 foodborne diseases. Most of them result in infections, caused by a variety of bacteria, viruses and parasites. Harmful toxins and chemicals also can contaminate foods and cause foodborne illness.

Read the full article in Food Safety News…

Food-safety expert warns latest bizarre Silicon Valley $60 'raw water' trend could quickly turn deadly



Silicon Valley is developing an obsession with untreated, unfiltered water, a trend that is dangerous and could be deadly.

According to an article in The New York Times, demand for unfiltered water is skyrocketing as tech-industry insiders develop a taste for water that hasn't been treated, to prevent the spread of bacteria or other contaminants.

In San Francisco, "unfiltered, untreated, unsterilized spring water" is selling for as much as $60.99 for a 2.5 gallon jug. Startups dedicated to untreated water are popping up. People — including startup Juicero's cofounder Doug Evans — are gathering gallons of untreated water from natural springs to bring to Burning Man.

While Evans and other fans say raw water is perfect for those who are "extreme about health," Bill Marler — a food-safety advocate and a lawyer – says the opposite is true.

Read the full article in Business Insider...


SAVE 30% OFF Our Already Great Low Prices! 

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Erlenmeyer Flask with Screw Cap, Borosilicate Glass (United Scientific)

Recommended for culturing, mixing and storing applications. Borosilicate glass flasks are designed to give the best combination of thermal shock resistance and physical strength. Feature heavy-duty rims and graduations in durable white enamel. Blue caps with liner are autoclavable.

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Please enter the promotional code MN0218B into the "Promo Code" box during checkout and the sale price will be applied. Order online using the link above. You can also call in the order at 800-328-8378 or fax the order to 609-584-8388.


Introducing the LuciPac A3 Sanitation System…

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Better Detection Means Better Protection

  • Find what others can’t – results are an order of magnitude or higher than competitive products
  • Only the A3 System, distributed by Weber Scientific, detects ATP+ADP+AMP with one swab to give you the whole picture

New DNA technique suggests Salmonella took out the Aztecs




Research, published in the journal Nature, reports DNA analysis has unmasked Salmonella enterica bacteria as the cause of a 16th century epidemic that affected large parts of Mexico and wiped out an estimated 800,000 people in the Aztec Empire.

The study, by Germany’s Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, discovered the introduction of Salmonella in the Americas; which is believed to have been brought to the continent by Europeans. The identification of S. enterica bacteria, which causes typhoid, supports the theory that typhoid fever was the killer.

Before the researchers identified the pathogenic possibility, a 2000 study in the American Journal of Tropical Diseases concluded that the cause of the epidemic was some type of viral hemorrhagic fever. Prior to 2000, studies blamed measles and pneumonic plague. Salmonella was never considered a culprit.


In this issue



Hershey Kisses Tin

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Yours FREE with every order of $250 or more

Just in time for Valentine's Day, this round polished gift tin is filled with delicious individually wrapped milk chocolate Hershey® Kisses.

A candy-lover's favorite for over a century, these bite-size milk chocolate treats are perfect for sharing or saving all for you. 

Size: 1-1/4" x 3-9/16" diameter.


FREE with every order of $250 or more. Hurry – Quantities are limited!

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Please include the Gift Code WS0218 when placing an order via website, phone or fax.
When ordering on the website place this Gift Code in the "Notes/Instruction" field at check out (and not in the "Promo Code" box).



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Watch the correct way to aseptically sample beer in this excellent video

ASBC along with the Brewers Association have produced two exceptional videos last year. These five-minute mini movies are great technical explanations of microbiological control methods, and they’re both really well produced. Example: You absolutely do not want a false positive growth in your beer sample, so avoid contamination with precautions — a sterile sample receptacle, cotton swabs, wash bottle of 70 percent alcohol, flame source, gloves and more. Watch the video above. It explains it expertly.




MiniBrew is a counter-top brewery for making any type of beer at home

MiniBrew was founded in 2014, and found its way onto Indiegogo, where it picked up over $350,000 in funding. Their promise to bring simple craft brewing to people’s home had apparently worked, and it’s not hard to understand why – people love beer.

MiniBrew’s mission is bigger than producing a machine that automates most of the steps in the brewing process; they’re aiming to be a platform for beer brewing. Individuals and breweries alike can upload their best recipes for different types of beers to the platform, and MiniBrew owners all over the globe can download their favorites from there.






Request the 2017-18 Product Catalog

2017-18 Cat COVER NLT.jpgOur 2017-18 specialized 265-page Buyer's Guide is dedicated to dairy, food and water testing. Inside, you'll find many exclusive and hard-to-find items, not to mention other great reasons to go with Weber:

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