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DECEMBER 1, 2018
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Got Deer Milk? New Zealand Does


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Visit a restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand and you run the chance of being offered what’s being called an exciting culinary development: Cheese, yogurt, and crème brulee made from deer milk.

The Pamu company in New Zealand is behind this unconventional sourcing. Southland-area deer are being hand-reared for this purpose, which is intended to drive alternative uses for agricultural resources in the country. Pamu uses red deer and a milking machine to extract the liquid, which is said to be lower in sugar and higher in protein than its cow counterpart. It’s offered in powdered form for later reconstitution.


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Weber Scientific Sterile Sampling Bags

Weber Sample bags NLT.jpg 

Save Money – Name Brand Quality

  • Sterile, single service bags are made of heavy transparent polyethylene.
  • Leak-proof and airtight.
  • Puncture-proof tabs.
  • Capacity is measured when the bag is closed and tab is folded over 3 times. Volume and dimensions are approximate.
  • Bags should not be used at temperatures above 180°F (82°C). Bags can be frozen to any temperature.
  • Write-on strips have a paper-like and smear-resistant finish and can be written on with an ordinary ballpoint pen, pencil or marker.
  • Double round wire closures.

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Grinders, Hoagies And Wedges:  What You Call A Sub Sandwich Reveals Where You’re From 

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Hoagie, zeppelin, wedge – these might sound like meaningless words to you, or depending on where you’re from, they might mean “sub sandwich.” We call the classic sub different names all across this country, but with the exception of a few variations that require certain ingredients, every term points back to an overall American love of a long, crusty roll piled high with meats, cheeses, lettuce and tomato.

To help you understand how different regions of the United States specialize in their own takes on the sub, we’ve collected some of the country’s most interesting names for the bread-and-fixing combos, from the popular to the storied to the strange.



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A bad mocktail made this man invent his own brand of non-alcoholic spirits


Out for dinner one night, Ben Branson didn’t feel like drinking. He ordered a mocktail — and hated how it tasted. The drink was overly sweet and “just didn’t fit with the food,” Branson said of the orange and cranberry juice mix.

Branson, the owner of a brand design agency in London, had been growing herbs and vegetables in his garden in his spare time and experimenting with distilling them.

“After that horrible mocktail, the dots began to join,” he said. In 2015, he set up a company, Seedlip, in the United Kingdom to sell what it calls “the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit.”

Seedlip has now sold half a million bottles of its three spirits, which are made in a similar way to gin. They are available in thousands of stores, bars, restaurants and hotels around the world. The company has also invented its own mocktails and released a book of recipes.




RACK’N’LAB Sampling Bag Racks (Labplas)


Rack-N-Lab NLT.jpg

The solution to safely carry your lab samples

Labplas’ RACK’N’LAB is best used to transport bags used in food testing and environmental water sampling, and many other industries. Its innovative design allows multiple bags to be used while being held upright without the need for bottles or specifically designed bags.

This light weight and versatile rack takes up very little storage space when stored in its flat form and is available in two different sizes.

  • Made of FDA approved virgin polypropylene
  • Works well with Weber Sterile Sampling Bags
  • Shipped in one inch thick boxes with three flat racks inside
  • Assembled or dismantled in less than one minute
  • The sturdy handle facilitates safe transportation
  • Identified rows allow for easy identification of samples
  • Up to 40ml can be retained in case of a leak
  • Racks are stackable and will easily fit in standard coolers
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How Low-Alcohol Beers Became Brewing’s Next Big Thing 

Best-Low-Calorie-Beers 2.jpg

Everyone is on board with session IPAs. Craft lagers are finally getting their due. “Crushable” is now considered a positive description for craft beers, not a liability. In the craft beer world a decade ago, “imperial” literally ruled, as breweries churned out triple IPAs and 10% versions of every style under the sun. In 2018, that ABV arms race has largely mellowed. But despite American beer drinkers’ collective embrace of those easy-drinking, sessionable options, once a beer’s ABV dips below 4%, it’s not such an easy sell.

Americans like beer to taste good, sure, but that glorious combination of malt and hops and yeast is made even better because it imparts a buzz, gets our awkward butts up on the dance floor, makes us just a smidge more willing to try karaoke.

While this may be the prevailing American attitude, some breweries are betting that it’s not the only attitude.


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