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AUGUST 1, 2020
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Peel Plate® Microbial Test from Charm Sciences


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An Improved Microbiological Method

Peel Plate bacterial tests are simplified culture methods for detecting micro-organisms. Tests are available for Aerobic Plate Count (AC), Coliform and E. coli (EC), Yeast and Molds (Y&M), Enterobacteriaceae (EB), and Staphylococcus aureus (SA). The AC and EC Plates are AOAC-RI and PMO-NCIMS approved. Each version of these tests contain non-selective or selective medium and follows conventional microbiologic procedures for time and temperature of incubation. 

The tests are prepared media in a shallow dish with an adhesive top. Plates are ready-to-use and no spreading device is needed. Just add the sample to the middle and it wicks through the media and solidifies. Invert the test, stack multiple tests together (if appropriate) and incubate. The sample wicks rapidly to cover entire surface. An air gap between the plate and cover allows colony picking and determination of microbial morphology. 

Peel Plate tests are used for dairy products, ground meats, other foods, contact surfaces and water. Colony development is easily quantified by color.

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The Mood-Boosting Power of Pets


The health benefits of pets
Most pet owners are clear about the immediate joys that come with sharing their lives with companion animals. However, many of us remain unaware of the physical and mental health benefits that can also accompany the pleasure of snuggling up to a furry friend. It’s only recently that studies have begun to scientifically explore the benefits of the human-animal bond.

Pets have evolved to become acutely attuned to humans and our behavior and emotions. Dogs, for example, are able to understand many of the words we use, but they’re even better at interpreting our tone of voice, body language, and gestures. And like any good human friend, a loyal dog will look into your eyes to gauge your emotional state and try to understand what you’re thinking and feeling (and to work out when the next walk or treat might be coming, of course). 


Aroxa™ “Uno Kit” Beer Flavor Standards

Aroxa NLT.jpg

Use this set of certified beer flavor standards to deliver up to two hours of taster training for ten people, or as a personal flavor training kit. We carry a range of beer flavor standards to make choosing among the positive beer flavors, off-flavors and taints a little easier. These certified beer flavor standards are nano-encapsulated to make them easy to use - just add a capsule to a liter of beer - and smell and taste.

AROXA certified beer flavor standards are: food grade, free from sensory impurities, extensively tested and safe to smell and taste.

Flavor Standards Included:
2,3 butanedione: “Diacetyl, like butter, or butter popcorn”
Dimethyl sulfide: “DMS, like sweetcorn or tomato sauce”
Ferrous sulfate: “Metallic, like ink or blood”
Hop oil extract: “Like hoppy ale”
Hydrogen sulfide: “H2S, like boiled or rotten egg”
Isoamyl acetate: “Like bananas or pear drops”
3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol: “Like a skunk or freshly-brewed coffee”
Trans-2-nonenal: “Papery, like cardboard or oxidized beer”
2,4,6-trichloroanisole: “Musty, like corked wine or a damp cellar”
4-vinyl guaiacol: “Phenolic, like cloves or wheat beer”

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How Many ‘80s Bands Can You Name?


fun bands 80 NLT.jpg

We’ll show you a picture of a group that came to prominence in the 1980s... some instantly recognizable, some not so recognizable. Who are they?

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Non-Contact Digital Thermometer for Human Body Temperature



This Non-Contact Digital Thermometer for Human Body Temperature is a multifunctional infrared thermometer which can be used to measure the temperature of humans, surfaces, and animals. It can quickly measure the target temperature and display the accurate measurement in as little as one second.

Key Features

  • Multi-Purpose: can measure human body temperature, skin temperature, surface temperature, liquid temperature
  • Fast & Accurate: 1 second accurate temperature measurement, measurement deviation up to +/- 0.2 °C 
  • Non-contact: 3-5cm measurement distance, without contact with human skin allowing healthier and safer measuring while preventing cross-contamination


Top Interesting Facts About Ice Cream No One Will Tell You


Don’t you enjoy a cold flavored ice cream during the hot summer evenings? It’s a dessert that is equally loved by children as well as adults, however, not everyone is aware of its history. Compiled below are some interesting facts about this delicious frozen treat. Next time you enjoy ice cream with your friends or family, you can impress them with your knowledge!

Take a look at some fun and lesser known facts about ice cream you may not be aware of:

  • The origin of ice cream is unknown; however, its first known recipe was written in 1665
  • Milk based ice creams were introduced in the 10th century 
  • It takes 3 gallons of milk to produce a gallon of ice cream
  • Chocolate ice cream came much earlier than its vanilla counterpart

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FREE! PopSockets® PopGrip™ Phone Grip and Stand

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Yours FREE with every order of $200 or more

Functional and fabulous, a PopSockets® PopGrip™ adds standout style to your phone. The PopGrip is great for one-handed texting and selfies, plus it works as a hands-free viewing stand. Installation is easy — just apply the adhesive base to the back of your case and go. 

  • This collapsible PopSockets® stand allows for easy, hands-free use of your smartphone.
  • Adhesive backing securely attaches to the back of your phone.
  • The PopSocket® is designed to be used as a grip or a phone stand.
  • Size: 1/4” x 1-9/16” (collapsed).

Hurry – while supplies last!

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Please include the Gift Code WS0820 when placing an order via website, phone or fax. 

When ordering on the website place this Gift Code in the "Notes/Instruction" field at check out (and not in the "Promo Code" box).

Serving Science in the Fight Against COVID-19

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Weber Scientific is leveraging our global network of suppliers to make sure we have stock on the products you need most. We are working with multiple suppliers and receiving staggered shipments to ensure inventory is on the shelves when you need it. 

Check our COVID-19 Critical Products page often as we continue building inventory levels on gloves, face masks, face shields, goggles,  thermometers, sanitizer and other critical PPE items.

Request the 2019-20 Product Catalog

2019-20 Catalog Cover.jpgOur 2019-20 specialized 265-page Lab Book is dedicated to dairy, food and water testing. Inside, you'll find many exclusive and hard-to-find items, not to mention other great reasons to go with Weber:

  • Heavily discounted prices without any of the hassle
  • Free freight upgrades and expedited service at our expense--not yours
  • No-nonsense 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can order with complete confidence

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