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AUGUST 1, 2018
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10 Trendy Foods You’ll Soon Be Seeing Everywhere


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Every year, thousands of food brands head to New York to show off their wares and entice buyers from grocery stores to stock their products. It’s a trade show called the Fancy Foods Show, and it’s one of the best places to catch trends before they hit grocery store shelves: New products make their debut here, and months later, they appear on the shelves of your local Whole Foods and other stores. Here are the flavors and products that are going to be big over the next year:

Ayurvedic food: Some food companies are making traditional Indian herbal jams, pickles and pastes, from “home recipes evolved from Indian Ayurvedic healing traditions. In Ayurvedic medicine, certain foods and herbs are eaten together to balance out a person’s health and to benefit digestion, immunity and more.

Drinking vinegar gets spicy: Drinking a small daily quantity of straight-up apple cider vinegar became trendy in the past three years because foodie health blogs promoted it as a detoxifying weight-loss cure-all.

Canned fish salads: This is not your water-packed StarKist: It’s a higher-quality fish with vegetables, herbs and spices, and if you bring a tin of it with a crusty roll, you’ll have a perfectly good meal.


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Dippers with Removable Handle (Corning/Gosselin)

These sterilized polypropylene dipping containers are fashioned in blue for easy visibility. Remove the dipper from its tamper-evident and traceable sterile bag, hold the dipper by the handle and dip it into the liquid you wish to sample. Screw on the fully-detached blue cap or snap down the hinged lid, push down on the handle to remove it, and return the container to the bag. Zip the bag closed and your sample is ready for transport.

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Why Does Bottled Water Have an Expiration Date? 


Expiration dates on non-perishable consumer goods are a funny thing. Few people need an explanation as to why meat or dairy products have a sell-by date, but other things seem to demand a little more context. Child car seats, for example, have an expiration date because safety regulations change on a regular basis and because they can experience wear after years of daily use.

A date stamped on bottled water, however, seems to defy all laws of common sense. Shouldn't H2O technically be good forever? The answer is yes—but water quality isn't the issue. A 1987 New Jersey state law required all food products sold there to display an expiration date of two years or less from the date of manufacture. Labeling, separating, and shipping batches of expiration-dated water to the Garden State seemed a little inefficient to bottled water producers, so most of them simply started giving every bottle a two-year expiration date, no matter where it was going.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has never established or suggested a limitation on the shelf life of bottled water as long as it's produced in accordance with regulations and the bottle remains properly sealed. New Jersey caught on to this fact and amended the law, but the expiration date has been an industry norm for so long that many producers have just kept it on there.




Five Tips To Help Improve Brewery Quality Assurance

When it comes to any area of the food or beverage industry, quality assurance should always remain a top priority. Breweries are one particular member of the industry that needs to work on the quality assurance of their product continually. This fact is especially true for large-scale brewery operations where products are shipped out to different markets for consumers. Here are some tips to help brewery operations improve their quality assurance levels.

1. Keep detailed records: One of the most important things a brewery of any size can do is keep detailed records of all brewing data.

2. Sanitary practices: Another essential way for breweries to improve on their quality assurance is to ensure the best sanitation practices possible.

3. Weekly product tasting: With a product like beer, taste is something that matters a great deal.

Read the full article from Craft Brewing Business. 


Use the Kikkoman LuciPac™ A3 System For Comprehensive Allergen Residue Control



The LuciPac A3 has ultra-sensitivity which makes it ideal for highly effective allergen control by the food and beverage industries. A pass from LuciPac A3 ensures there is no cross-contact from allergenic food residues on all processing surfaces and equipment. It also works with rinse waters. LuciPac A3 is much better than traditional ATP bioluminescence because it is the only technology that measures ATP+ADP+AMP (adenosine triphosphate + adenosine diphosphate + adenosine monophosphate) and detects any residues at much lower levels than was previously possible, and at levels comparable or lower than _allergen specific test kits! All-in-all a terrific allergen test.

•  Results in 10 seconds using the Lumitester™ no incubation
•  Effective detection of all food allergens in one test
•  Prevents cross-contamination by verifying the cleaning process
•  Allows for immediate corrective action to be taken when necessary
•  Simple to use all-in-one test device

More Information...


By The Skin Of Her Teeth, A Michigan Woman Visits Every Craft Brewery In The State

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Emily Bennett traveled about 12,000 miles throughout Michigan last year with one aim in mind: beer.

Bennett’s goal was to visit every Michigan brewery within a year, and she succeeded.

“I did make it — by the skin of my teeth,” she says, as she sips a beer called Hoppy Bliss at the Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery in Ada, Michigan. “I went to 323 places, making it to the last three on New Year’s Eve. I started at Founders Brewing in Grand Rapids and ended at Founders in Detroit, a new location that opened at the end of November.”

The most breweries she visited in a single day was 10. "I would have had 11, but one closed early and didn’t post its correct hours," she recalls. "Ten was painful, and it became an unwritten rule that eight was probably a good maximum — six if I was traveling alone."

Bennett, who lives in Hastings, Michigan, about 130 miles west of Detroit, says she has been influenced by “a tight trio of home brewers — a husband, a childhood friend and a best friend who is co-owner of Municipal Brew Works in Hamilton, Ohio." She maintains a website, Mitten Beer Girl, where she details her Michigan-brewery escapades.

Read the full article in Forbes.



InSite™ Rapid Food Contact Surface Listeria Test and Salmonella Test (Hygiena)



All-in-one test device includes reagent and swab

InSite™ is a quick and easy presumptive test that has been specifically designed to monitor the presence of Listeria and Salmonella in environmental samples from food contact surfaces. The test contains a liquid media formulated with antibiotics, growth enhancers, and color changing compounds specific to the growth of Listeria and Salmonella species. Simply swab the test area and wait. A change in color after 24-48 hours of incubation is considered presumptive positive. No expensive lab equipment is required and no additional handling of the sample is necessary.

Click here for Listeria Test
Click here for Salmonella Test


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