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APRIL 1, 2020
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GasPak™ EZ Gas Generating Container System



Cultivation of Anaerobic Bacteria

The GasPak™ EZ Gas Generating Container Systems are multi-use systems that produce atmospheres suitable to support the primary isolation and cultivation of anaerobic, microaerophilic, or capnophilic bacteria by use of gas generating sachets inside multi-use incubation containers. The system offers bio-performance and reliability without the need for a catalyst or activation procedure. The GasPak EZ Gas Generating Sachet contains all the ingredients needed to create a specific atmosphere for specimen incubation. The sachet and specimens are placed in the clear, stackable, plastic GasPak EZ Incubation Container. The container is sealed and the sample is incubated.


The 16 Best Life Hacks Of All Time That Will Make Your Life Easier

Frozen Grapes.jpg

You live and you learn, and you can find some pretty amazing things out along the way. However, there are still plenty of hacks for making life easier that you haven’t discovered, just yet.

This list will have you saying, “Where have these been all of my life?” Because yes, they’re just that good. From easily cleaning your keyboard to applying eye liner, these tricks of the trade will make your life so much better.

So, stop missing out on these genius ways of making things simpler, and start living your best life today! 


MegaSampler™ Sampling Device
(Weber Scientific)


MegaSampler SS BKGD.jpg


Make Environmental Surface Sampling Faster and Easier

A pre-moistened sponge, with 10 ml of DE Neutralizing Broth, individually wrapped in a reusable sample bag, is secured to the sampling handle using a unique design that enhances sampling efficacy.

Twice the sampling surface
Sampling tip for hard to reach places
Sponge is held in place without glue or chemicals
Sponge is easy to separate from handle
Biofilm scraping blade incorporated into the handle design

More information...

Hotel Tango Distillery Producing Hand Cleaner to Combat Virus



First batch donated to Indianapolis, Fort Wayne shelters

Hotel Tango Distillery, Indianapolis, is temporarily adding a new high-proof ethyl alcohol-based product to its line of craft spirits that can be used as hand cleaner, due to the worldwide shortage of sanitizers caused by the rapid spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Hotel Tango Distillery team is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and is taking disciplined measures in response to this worldwide pandemic that has affected more than 100 countries. More recently, when the outbreak surfaced in Indiana, where Hotel Tango is located, the company felt compelled to pitch in and fight the spread of the virus.

“With the shortages of hand sanitizers across the United States, we felt like we had to do something to help,” said Travis Barnes, chief executive officer and founder, in a statement. “Since we already have facilities and equipment geared toward producing high-proof alcohol, which is a common cleaning and anti-bacterial agent; it feels like we have a duty to help wherever we can. This is a time for all of us to come together, and combine our focused efforts to get COVID-19 under control.”


QualiTru Aseptic Sampling System

QMI Sampling.jpg

Monitor Microbial Contamination Quickly, Easily, Accurately and Aseptically

This patented aseptic sampling process allows testing at different steps during processing to isolate contamination sources. Samples can be obtained from critical locations within a processing facility by installing sampling ports at successive sites. In the event of microbial contamination you will have greatly enhanced ability to determine a cause by being able to obtain samples at bracketed locations, invaluable in isolating and identifying the contamination source. Just as importantly, this aseptic system virtually eliminates the risk of introducing new contaminants to your product, process or sample.

It is used by well over 1,000 fluid-food and dairy companies to proactively monitor potential sources of product contamination, such as ineffective pasteurization, airborne contaminants, malfunctioning valves, cracked tanks, faulty cleaning, etc., while providing accurate documentation for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Programs (HACCP) or any quality assurance program.

View the QualiTru Aseptic Sampling System

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Accurate 10’ Tape Measure

Weber Tape Measure NLT.jpg

Yours FREE with every order of $200 or more

This lightweight Aluminum tape measure utilizes a lockable blade for precise measurements and minimal slippage. Take measurements up to 10 feet. A handy tool for home, office and the lab. 

Size: 2-1/4” x 2-1/4” x 7/8”


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The 40 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now


With thousands of titles available, browsing your Netflix menu can feel like a full-time job. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, take a look at the Mental Floss picks for the 40 best movies on Netflix right now.

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