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APRIL 1, 2018
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Business clichés that need to be banished




We're all guilty of using the occasional buzzword or cliché at work. But it turns out that abusing these words and phrases can seriously hurt your credibility.

They're annoying and confusing — and often meaningless — and when you're communicating with busy people in the business world, they don't have the time to decipher your message.

Most clichés were once a fresh, creative way of expressing a popular thought or common idea. But because of excessive use, each phrase has lost its originality, impact, and even meaning.

Here is a list of 15 overused business expressions that should be put to rest once and for all.





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Nitrile Ultra Exam Grade Gloves (Microflex)

A thinner glove for enhanced tactile sensitivity

Manufactured using a soft and stretchy formulation that offers excellent durability and comfort.  Powder-free and textured fingers for enhanced gripping power. Cobalt blue. 9½“length, 3.0 mil (palm). Pack of 200.


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How Oat Milk Could Change the Way You Drink Coffee 



Along with self-driving cars and a manned trip to Mars, one of modern society’s most pressing technological challenges has been developing tasty nondairy alternatives to milk. In the race to fill the nation’s cereal bowls and coffee mugs, almond milk has recently reigned supreme, but when the water-guzzling beverage (one almond requires about a gallon of water to grow) got linked to the California drought, the successor to soy milk fell from grace.

Then came Oatly, the maker of a faux milk made from oats. Oatly is a Swedish company that was founded 25 years ago by a food-science professor named Rickard Oste. He was doing academic research on the prevalence of lactose intolerance and wondered about starting from scratch: finding a source for milk other than cows. In Sweden, oats are a particularly abundant crop, so Oste developed a food-science technology that uses enzymes to liquefy oats into a rich milk in a way that still retained their digestion-boosting fibers. In the same way that cream may be added to milk to give it varying levels of fat, Oatly adds a plant-based canola oil to provide fat content.


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ESK Swab NLT.jpg

ESK® Sterile Swab System (Puritan)

•  Available in 4 or 10 mL fill
•  For all environmental surface sampling
•  Easy edge-peel packaging
•  Quick-turn leak-resistant cap
•  High-quality Puritan polyester tipped swab  0.7” x 0.2” (5 mm x 17 mm)
•  Swab is securely attached to cap
•  3.25” (83mm) swab length – 4” (103mm) overall length
•  Polystyrene handle

table-ESK NLT.jpg

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Wisconsin Captures Big Wins at 2018 World Championship Cheese Contest


Once again Wisconsin cheesemakers were in the spotlight at the World Championship Cheese Contest, winning more awards than any other U.S. state or country. Five of the top 20 global cheese finalists in contention for World Champion were from Wisconsin. 

This year's contest drew a record-breaking 3,402 entries, 15 percent more than the 2016 competition, in 120 categories from 26 countries and 32 U.S. states. Wisconsin captured 40.5 percent of all awards, winning 147 awards in total – five times more than its closest competitor, New York, with 26 awards, followed by Switzerland and The Netherlands with 19 awards each.


LuciPac™ A3 BLOWS AWAY  30-year old
ATP technology

When it comes to sensitivity we’re talking hurricane force winds!


LuciPac A3 bkgd.jpg

  • Find what others can’t – results are an order of magnitude or higher than competitive products
  • Only the A3 System, distributed by Weber Scientific, detects ATP+ADP+AMP with one swab to give you the whole picture

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Hygiena™ Allergen Prevention Tests
Order 6 Boxes and Get 1 Box Plus a Timer FREE!

Hygiena promo 2 NLT.jpgTake a broader approach to allergen detection

Allergens make up one-third of all food recalls and official notices and can be challenging to detect. Don’t miss out on keeping fully stocked with these trusted Hygiena™ allergen prevention tests – SuperSnap™ which points out possible allergen presence in 15 seconds, AllerSnap™ and AllerFlow Gluten - which offer actionable results in 10-30 minutes.

  • Quickly determine whether “the big eight” are in your facility
  • SuperSnap uses ATP as a reliable proxy protein measure - get results in seconds
  • AllerSnap gives a quick “yes/no” color change in minutes
  • AllerFlow Gluten indicates gluten/gliadin faster than ELISA

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Flying Cows. Floating Cows. How Qatar Gets Around Boycott


Qatar cows.jpg

The nine-month Saudi-led embargo of Qatar has an undisputed mascot for Doha’s defiance: the cud-chewing American cow.

Thousands of airlifted dairy cows landed in Qatar in the first months of the boycott that Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt established against the country in June. Those nations severed diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar because of its alleged relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist group that Saudi Arabia considers a terrorist organization.

The airborne bovines created a spectacle that highlighted the gas-rich sheikdom’s ability to overcome sanctions and provide fresh milk to its 2.7 million residents.


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FREE RuMe Classic Medium Tote

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The RuMe Classic Medium Tote is the world's best all-everything tote. 

These tote bags hold up to 50 pounds, are machine washable and roll up to the size of your palm, secured with a Velcro strap. Gussets along the side provide extra structure and space so that you can hold large, bulky items or many, many small items easily. Double-stitched seams and squared corners make these bags perfect for a reusable grocery bag, shopping bag, or anything bag.

•  Holds up to 50 lbs
•  Machine washable
•  Water-resistant
•  Size: 15.5” x 15.5” x 4"
•  Handles: 11.5” long


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Upcoming Events

Come Join Us! We will be attending these upcoming conferences and industry shows highlighting many new and exciting products.

Oregon Dairy Industries 
Annual Conference 
April 10-11, 2018, Booth #13 
Salem Conference Center, 
Salem, OR

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In attendance will be
Asif Rahman 
Sales Manager


Petfood Forum 
April 23-25, 2018, Booth #244 
Kansas City Convention Center, Kansas City, MO

In attendance will be...


Nancy Silvester
Account Manager


MaryBeth Karczynski
Director of Key Accounts and Market Development

Craft Conf 16.jpg 
Craft Brewers Conference 
April 30 – May 3, 2018,
Booth #1710 
Music City Center, Nashville, TN

In attendance will be...


Sharon Wilson
Vice President of Marketing and Product Development


Nancy Silvester
Account Manager

Asif Rahman TradeShow.jpg

Asif Rahman
Sales Manager


Tom Boudreau

Market Specialist, Beer

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