Dual Poly ProBath (Revolutionary Science RS-PB-200)

The Dual Poly ProBath has two 5.5 liter polypropylene chambers. The chamber’s polypropylene surface is resistant to corrosion and chemical attack, also the glossy finish is non-stick for an easy clean up. The digital display and controls make these units great for all general purpose laboratory applications!

  • Large digital display
  • Simple two-button operation
  • Clear instructions printed on front label
  • Impact resistant, see-through polymer cover
  • Built-in handles provide easy gripping
  • Patented WaveOn sensing technology prevents low water situations
  • Non-circulating
  • 4 hour warm-up required

Wi-Fi Poly ProBath units come quipped with:
  • Wi-Fi - no expensive software needed
  • Log data to the cloud or computer
  • Control and monitor the Poly Pro Bath remotely

Display: 3 digit, 0.1°C increments
Power requirements: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Net weight: 16 lb. (shipping weight 17 lb.)
Temperature range: Ambient to 99.9°C
Capacity: 5.5 liters per chamber, 11 liters total
Warranty: 2 year, repair or replacement
Outside dimensions: 56 cm wide x 45.5 cm deep x 14.7 cm tall
Inside dimensions: 32 cm wide x 17 cm deep x 13.3 cm tall
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Dual Poly ProBath
Dual Poly ProBath RS-PB-200
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