Disposable MicroFunnel™ (Pall/Gelman)

A disposable filter funnel designed to recover microorganisms in potable water, process water, beverages and other aqueous samples. Converts into a petri dish after filtration with easy entry port for adding nutrient media, or the membrane can easily be removed and cultured in another petri dish.
Procedure: Remove the MicroFunnel™ from the sterile package and place it on the manifold/vacuum assembly. Remove lid, pour sample, replace lid and turn on vacuum. Once sample filtration is complete, rinse the inside of the funnel with a sterile buffer solution.Eliminates time-consuming cleaning and autoclaving procedures needed for reusable funnels. Comes completely assembled and sterile. High bacterial recoveries with included GN-6 Metricel® membrane (47 mm, 0.45 µm).

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