AriaMx 96 Real-Time PCR System 

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AriaMx 96 Real-Time PCR System
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The AriaMx 96 Real-Time PCR System is a fully integrated quantitative PCR amplification, detection, and data analysis system. The system design combines a state-of-the-art thermal cycler, an advanced optical system with an LED excitation source, which detects hydrolysis (5’Nuclease / TaqMan®) probes either as single color or multiplex samples, and offers complete, intuitive and user-friendly data analysis software. The instrument can hold up to six optics modules, and the scanning optics design delivers optimal separation between the dyes and between samples.

The AriaMx can be used for a variety of research applications including gene expression analysis, genotyping, mRNA quantification, NGS quantification containing library prep and result validation, nucleic acid monitoring and rare allele detection.

Feature overview:

  • Light Source: 8 dye specific LEDs per optical module
  • Sample Capacity: up to 96 samples
  • Detection: 8 silicon photo-detectors per optical module
  • Detection Channels: up to 6 slots, swappable cartridges
 (e.g. SYBR/FAM 462.5 – 516.0nm, HEX 535.0 – 555.0nm, ROX 585.0 – 610.0nm, CY3 542.0 – 568.5nm, CY5 635.0 – 665.0nm)
  • Software Capabilities: Quantitative and qualitative gene expression analysis, miRNA analysis, Genetic mapping, Genetic fingerprinting, 
 NGS library quantification, 2-6 channel multiplex analysis, HRM analysis (including genotyping, mutational analysis, and class IV SNP detection), Pathogen quantification.
  • Heating and Cooling Rate: 6⁰C/ second and 3⁰C/ second, respectively
  • Consumables Used: 0.2mL tubes, 96 well plates, strip tubes
  • Software: intuitive, state-of-the-art
  • Temperature Control: Six peltiers made from two ceramic plates with semi-conductor elements
  • Dimensions and Weight: 50cm x 46cm x 42cm, 23kg
  • Other equipment included: not necessary, as is a stand-alone system 
(integrated touchscreen PC); however, software can be installed free of charge on other PCs