Acidity Titratable Tester – The Glass Alternative

Non-glass components feature Nalgene® plastic (PMP) buret and flask. The buret is supplied with stopcock and is graduated with a scale that corresponds to the 1% full scale as found on the glass Kimax® acidity buret, therefore, each mL corresponds to 0.1% titratable acidity. The complete outfit consists of one buret, filling tube assembly with Tygon® tubing, 2-holed stopper, rubber bulb with 4” of tubing and a clamp. Simple assembly is required.
The buret is self-zeroing, crystal clear, durable and meets ASTM E287. Capacity is 10 mL with 0.1mL subdivisions and a tolerance of ±0.04 mL. The flask holds 1000 mL.

Replacement Rubber Bulb (Item No. 3010-03) With two valves, control vent and four inches of tubing.Link
Replacement Rubber Tubing (Item No. 3010-06) Pure gum, black latex. For use with Acidity Titratable Tester. Per foot.Link
Replacement Tygon Tubing (Item No. 3010-05) Tygon tubing 5/16" OD X 3/16" ID. Kit uses two 1.5" pieces.Link

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Acidity Titratable Tester
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Replacement Buret Unit
Replacement Buret with clear hose
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Replacement Flask
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Replacement Tygon® Tubing Per foot
Clear Tygon tubing
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Replacement 2-Holed Stopper
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Replacement Clamp
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Rigid Straight Tubing
Rigid straight tubing 1/4" OD, for both 3" and 13.5" lengths going thru stopper.
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Stepped Connector
3/16" X 1/4" Stepped Connector
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O rings
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