500 mL Sterile Saline Eye Wash Refill (Bel-Art Scienceware)

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Bottle containing sterile saline solution. Complete with form-fitting eye cup, dust cap and clear instructions for use. May be used to refill eye wash stations or for use alone. Rinsing time: Approx. 5 min. per bottle.

This product contains a sterile sodium chloride solution (0.9%) corresponding to the eye’s natural fluid to gently rinse the eye and wash away particulate debris (dust, dirt, metal, etc.). Each pre-filled eye wash bottle is assembly-free and ready for use. Simply twist the cap, apply the flexible cup to the eye and control the flow of solution by putting pressure on the bottle. The flexible, ergonomic eye cup has several features to ensure effective rinsing including built-in drain holes to lead fluid away from the eye during rinsing. While the sterile saline solution is used primarily for rinsing debris from the eye, it may also be used to rinse eyes after an accident involving acid or alkalis.

Eye injuries caused by corrosives and/or debris are often serious and damage can occur very quickly. Having instant access to fast and effective emergency eye and skin wash is crucial. Bottles easily open with a twist and flexible caps are designed to ensure gentle and effective rinsing. Pre-filled bottles eliminate the need for self-filling, which saves time and ensures cleanliness. All PlumĀ® Emergency Eye Washes are FDA registered, meet U.S. Federal regulations, and comply with ANSI standards.