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MAY 1, 2016
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Coke Thinks Designer Milk Could Be a Billion-Dollar Brand


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In its quest to slake the world's thirst, Coca-Cola is intent on making milk a billion-dollar brand. But not just any kind of milk. Coke has joined forces with a dairy cooperative to create Fairlife, which produces a filtered, high-protein, low-sugar, lactose-free designer milk also called Fairlife. It costs about $4 for a 52-ounce bottle - more than organic milk and about double what the conventional stuff sells for. In its first year on shelves, Fairlife reached about $90 million in sales, giving a sizable boost to the specialty milk category, which includes milk with more calcium or no lactose.

Coke is part-owner of Fairlife through its Venturing and Emerging Brands group, which has backed Zico coconut water, Honest Tea, and Fuze juice drink. Fairlife Chief Executive Officer Steve Jones worked at Coke as chief marketing officer from 2000 to 2003. While there, he played a role in moving the beverage company beyond its Minute Maid frozen orange juice business to higher-margin products, such as Simply juice, a billion-dollar brand that's challenged market leader Tropicana - owned by rival PepsiCo - with its clear bottles. "It proved to me you can take a commodity and transform it into a dynamic high-growth category," Jones says of Simply. "We can do the same to milk."


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Solar Cult(R) Sponge Handle Sampling System (Solar Biologicals)

Eliminates the need for sterile gloves. Sterile pre-moistened cellulose sponge with quick release handle is designed for sampling for microbiological contamination on almost any surface. It is a convenient "ready to use" product, designed to eliminate the costly, time-consuming steps of diluent preparation, sterilization and application to sampling devices. Packaged in a easy-tear foil pouch. Comes with a sterile twirl-tie bag to make this an all-inclusive sampling system. Simply remove the handle (sponge attached), collect sample, return to twirl-tie bag, release sponge into bag, twirl bag closed and send to lab for analysis. 2-year shelf life from date of manufacture.

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Taco Bell's Incredible Two-Year Quest to Melt Cheese Perfectly


A cheese lover on Twitter expressed less than complete satisfaction with the Quesalupa, Taco Bell's newest and cheesiest menu item. The company's social-media team was on it.

"Dear @tacobell, Why can't the quesalupa be as cheesy as your commercials? Sincerely, A customer who would marry cheese," the tweet read.

The tweet popped up on one of the dozen wall-hung screens that employees monitor in the "Fishbowl" at Taco Bell headquarters in Irvine, California.
Matt Prince swooped in. As head of the 15-person "newsroom" team, it's his job to defend and protect what Taco Bell calls The Cheese Pull -- the taffy-like web of pepper jack created by pulling apart a Quesalupa. A snag like the one described in the tweet might trigger an e-mail to one of the 6,500 Taco Bell restaurants, reminding staff not to overcook the tortilla or allow the shells to lie around too long after they've been fried in canola oil. Taco Bell spent two years perfecting the technique after a decade of noodling with "the cheese-pully thing," said Liz Matthews, chief food innovation and beverage officer, and it"s betting its future on plenty of cheesy elasticity for maximum customer goo.

Bored by IPA? Here Are the Craft Beer Trends to Crush in 2016


Here's how big America's brewing scene has ballooned: Even if you visited one brewery daily, it'd take 11-plus years to hit the country's 4,269 beer makers - the highest number in American history, according to the Brewers Association.

With so many brewers, and only so much liver, it's simply impossible to sip every beer. To distinguish themselves with flair, breweries are digging deep into the wardrobe of flavor. Last year that meant shandies, radlers, and fruit-infused IPAs, fads that show no signs of relenting. Might I interest you in Ballast Point's Mango Even Keel session IPA?

What will 2016 bring? Let's gaze into our boozy crystal ball.


Revolutionary Under 4 Hour Yeast / Mold Test with No Pre-Enrichment Needed!


foodproof Dairy NLT.jpg

Weber Scientific is very pleased to announce that they will be distributing a new PCR test, the foolproof® Yeast and Mold Quantification Test LyoKit developed by BIOTECON Diagnostics (Potsdam, Germany). Current plate count methods take a minimum of 5 days to get a result, sometimes longer, so a 4 hour same day method is a major breakthrough in testing for these micro-organisms that are responsible for significant spoilage and economic losses in the food and dairy industry.

100% specificity has been demonstrated with 290 strains representing 260 species with all important phylogenetic groups included. 100% exclusivity was also demonstrated with 60 strains of non-target micro-organisms typically found in similar ecological niches. Sensitivity is 101- 10cells / g depending on sample type.

BIOTECON Diagnostics is an experienced manufacturer of fully-licensed PCR-based rapid tests for the food industry since 1998, with applications and R&D supported by an ISO 17025 accredited service lab.

For more information: please contact Dr. Philip Coombs, Product Specialist, at pcoombs@weberscientific.com


How to Build a Great Beer Cocktail



It's a sunny spring afternoon, and the perfect day for an al fresco drink. Sunglasses? Check. Flip-flops? Definitely. Beer? Absolu ... wait, let's make that a beer cocktail instead.

By definition, a beer cocktail could simply be the result of mixing two different beers together, like the black and tan, a drink made from a dark beer layered atop a light beer. Or, it could be a beer mixed with other spirits and liqueurs, or even nonalcoholic ingredients. Essentially, add anything to a beer to differentiate - and hopefully improve upon the beer itself - and the result is a beer cocktail.

The good news is that beer cocktails are coming out swinging this year, and even better than that, the category has expanded far beyond the basics. That list includes offerings such as as the michelada, the spicy, ubiquitous bloody mary riff, and the shandy, both of which have been longtime warm weather favorites.


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Milk and Cultured Dairy Products Conference
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The Surprising
Inspiration Behind
Dogfish Head Beer


Founder Sam Calagione was asked how his brewery comes up with its unusual flavors, and the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery founder may surprise you by reciting from 19th-century essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson.

While sipping beers and touring the Milton, Del., brewery, located roughly 16 miles off the Atlantic Coast, Calagione also speaks of finding inspiration from Minnesota-based punk rock band the Replacements and a Chinese brewing process that is 9,000 years old.

"I wanted to use the limitless array of culinary ingredients to bring a limitless degree of creativity into commercial brewing," Calagione says, explaining his method of brewing as many as 70 different styles of beer a year.

It sounds wild, but it works. At one point, the brewery was the smallest operation in the country; today it is America's 13th-largest craft brewer. Overall, craft beer has been a fast-growing industry, now making up over 11% of the $102 billion domestic beer market. Case sales of craft beer jumped 18.8% last year and easily bested the industry's 2.1% increase, says market research firm IRI, which tracks sales at supermarkets, gas stations, and other retail outlets.



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