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DECEMBER 1, 2016
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10 Regional Pizza Toppings Worth a Try


ChickenSausagePizza NLT.jpg


Pizza is a classic food choice that everyone loves. Whether it’s deep dish, thin crust, or simply an extra large with all of your favorite toppings, pizza hits the spot when you crave it most. But everyone knows that it’s not just the pizza, but the toppings that make it delicious.

When you order pizza, there are plenty of different toppings to choose from. However, most people often just go for your normal choices of pepperoni or sausage, extra cheese, and maybe some vegetables. While all of these toppings are great, there are plenty more to choose from. Ones that can only be found in the midst of your travels. The next time you’re hankering for a slice of pie, consider trying these local versions.

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Our most popular disposable transfer pipets. 
An incredible 40% off our already terrific prices. 



Disposable Transfer Pipets       

These popular graduated pipets offer safety and convenience for many liquid transfer applications.  This single unit design features a built-in pipet bulb and molded-in graduations.  Made of inert, non-toxic, low density polyethylene.  Pack of 500.

pipet table 16.jpg

Please enter the promotional code MN1216 into the "Promo Code" box during checkout and the sale price will be applied. Order online using the link above. You can also call in the order at 800-328-8378 or fax the order to 609-584-8388.

The Trump effect on Food & Agribusiness: What to Watch



After a long and turbulent presidential campaign, the American people have elected Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, as their 45th President. In addition, the Republican Party won the Senate, the House of Representatives and most of the down-ballot contested-for state offices in central US, which are heavily agriculturally-oriented. Republicans now have nearly unprecedented control of the US federal government.

Trump’s policies are not clearly defined, but statements made during the campaign suggest they could be very different from current policies. The only certainty in the market at this point is uncertainty.

Read more from the Rabobank article.


Rapid Detection of Spoilage Organisms: The Forgotten Bad Guys?



With the amount of food waste and spoilage reaching shocking proportions, new technologies are being introduced to mitigate the problem.

As rapid microbiology methods have been increasingly adopted by the food industry during the past 30 years, much emphasis has been placed on the detection of foodborne pathogens and reducing test times as much as possible. Novel methods such as PCR, along with other molecular approaches, have done much to find these organisms more quickly and identify the source of an outbreak. Quite rightly so: We all have to eat, and we all prefer to eat safe food.

Read the Food Safety Tech article.

Cows Stranded by New Zealand Quake Live to See an Udder Day


Trapped Cows NLT.jpg

Three cows stranded on a small island of land after a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked New Zealand on Monday November 14 have been led to safety by a team of rescuers.

The cows' plight went viral after video shot from a helicopter showed them huddled on an elevated patch of grass near Kaikoura, about 150 km (90 miles) northeast of Christchurch. The ground around them had apparently shifted or collapsed during the tremor.

Read and watch video.


Water Testing Solutions: Colilert® and Colisure® from IDEXX


idexxwater_Colilert NLT.jpg

Highly economical, you can realize big savings by using Colilert or Colisure as a one-step method for your water quality and compliance testing. With less than one minute hands-on time you’ll get results for total coliform as well as E. coli in 18 or 24 hours! These tests are much easier than other standard methods procedures and are more accurate! With its full range of regulatory approvals, it has become the perfect test for a wide variety of source water applications.

Just a few examples:
• Required regulatory compliance – significant savings compared to   
sending samples to a commercial lab.
• Juice from concentrate, flavored drinks or teas.
• Bottled water – also ideal for finished product analysis.
Fresh cut produce or fruit rinse water, before or after processing. 

Weber Scientific is only authorized to distribute IDEXX products to the Food and Beverage industries in the United States and Canada.

Follow this link to read more about other key benefits of using this technology, truly the gold standard of rapid coliform in water testing.


2017 Frequent Buyers Program Offers Customers New and Exciting Free Gifts


2017 FBP Catalog CoverNLT.jpg

We have just added 28 new, useful and fun free gifts to the just published 2017 Frequent Buyers Program catalog. The customer loyalty program has been a great success for many years, and a great way to tell our customers thank you for the continued support.

The premium gifts range from the practical to the whimsical. Specialty candy, gourmet cheese, home decor, beer and wine related items, charitable options, collectibles, electronics, and travel accessories to name a few.

You’ll receive Electronic Frequent Buyers points – called Lab-bucks – with every purchase of $50.00 or more from Weber Scientific. Collect enough points to get these terrific FREE gifts.

It’s easy to redeem your Lab-bucks. Simply log in to your account at “http://www.frequentbuyers.weberscientific.com” to place your order. If you have any questions about our Frequent Buyers Program, please call 800-328-8378.

Click here to request your free 2017 Frequent Buyers Program catalog today!

Where will Weber Scientific be in 2017?


Trade Show NLT.jpg

We will be attending and exhibiting at 14 major shows and conferences related to food and beverage safety and testing. Come and visit us at one or more of these premier expos and conferences. We will be demonstrating many exciting new and innovative products. 

•  2017 International Production & Processing Expo 
•  2017 All Star Convention 
•  PROFood Tech (PackExpo, Anuga, IDFA) 
•  Craft Brewers Conference 
•  106th Annual ODI Conference
•. 13th Annual North American Summit on Food Safety 
•. ASBC Annual Meeting 
•  IFT17
•  2017 IAFP Annual Meeting 
•  Southwest Meat Association 
•. 2017 MBAA Annual Conference 
•. QCS Leadership Conference 
•. Dairy Practices Council 

For complete details.


In this issue




FREE Dynomighty Billfold

Wallet group.jpg

The Dynomighty Billfold is tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and recyclable. Made from Tyvek® (think express mail envelopes), these cool wallets resist tearing because of thousands of interlocking plastic fibers spun in random patterns, giving them incredible strength. The stitchless design reinforces the materials own strength and allows these very slim wallets to instantly expand and adapt to your own personal storage needs. The mighty wallet will expand right before your eyes. Because of the slim, lightweight and water resistant features, you can take these cool wallets anywhere. They make great "night out" wallets for a slender silhouette and the writable surface conveniently acts as a quick note pad on the go. 

How Many Pockets Does It Have?
The Dynomighty Billfold has 1 large pocket for cash and receipts and 6 credit card pockets.
How Big Is it?
Open the Dynomighty Billfold is 8.75" w x 3.375" h x .0625" d.
Closed it is 4.375" w x 3.375" h x .125" d.
How many items can a Mighty Wallet hold?
The  Mighty Wallets maximum is 8 cards into each pocket, 15 business cards into each outside pocket, and 20 bills in the bill pocket.

FREE with every order of $200 or more. Hurry – while supplies last!

Click here for details!

Please include the Gift Code WS1216 when placing an order via website, phone or fax.
When ordering on the website place this Gift Code in the "Notes/Instruction" field at check out (and not in the "Promo Code" box).








Foodborne (1973–2013) and Waterborne (1971–2013) Disease Outbreaks — United States 

Foodborne Disease Outbreak Surveillance

Foodborne diseases caused by known pathogens result in an estimated 9.4 million illnesses each year in the United States (3). Only a minority of foodborne illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths occur as part of recognized outbreaks (4). However, information gathered from foodborne disease outbreak surveillance activities provide valuable insights into the agents that cause foodborne illness, types of implicated foods and ingredients, and settings in which transmission occurs.
Surveillance for foodborne disease outbreaks provides insight into the effectiveness of regulations and control measures, helps identify new and emerging pathogens, provides information regarding the food preparation and consumption settings in which outbreaks occur, informs prevention and control measures in the food industry by identifying points of contamination, and can be used to describe trends in outbreaks over time.
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Request the 2016-17 Product Catalog

2016-17 COVER-NLT.jpgOur 2016-17 specialized 265-page Buyer's Guide is dedicated to dairy, food and water testing. Inside, you'll find many exclusive and hard-to-find items, not to mention other great reasons to go with Weber:

  • Heavily discounted prices without any of the hassle
  • Free freight upgrades and expedited service at our expense--not yours
  • No-nonsense 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can order with complete confidence

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