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APRIL 1, 2017
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Announcing this Year’s Winners of the Great American Beer Bars Competition




The top craft beer bars in every state for 2017

One could argue the craft beer bar is just as integral in fostering the growth of the craft beer community as the actual breweries. With more than 5,200 small and independent craft breweries operating across the country, craft beer lovers have no shortage of options to discover and delight in the beloved beverage of beer. To honor some of the best of the best craft beer culture cultivators out there, CraftBeer.com — the Brewers Association website for beer lovers — surveyed its readers for its annual Great American Beer Bars competition.

“CraftBeer.com readers understand what sets a beer bar apart and have continually shown up since 2012 to recommend and praise their favorite spots,” said Julia Herz, publisher of CraftBeer.com. “With more than 7,000 votes cast, we are excited to announce this year’s winners and proud to welcome back twenty-one [41 percent] 2016 winners to the list — a sign that craft beer bars, now more than ever, are committed to their patrons and ensuring the best overall experience.”

For a look at the winners, head to the official site.

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ESK® Sterile Swab System (Puritan)

  • Available in 4 or 10 mL fill
  • For all environmental surface sampling
  • Easy edge-peel packaging
  • Quick-turn leak-resistant cap
  • High-quality Puritan polyester tipped swab – 0.7” x 0.2” (5 mm x 17 mm)
  • Swab is securely attached to cap
  • 3.25” (83mm) swab length – 4” (103mm) overall length
  • Polystyrene handle


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Walmart is Using Bitcoin Blockchain Technology for Food Traceability 



Wal-Mart Stores Inc., recently launched the Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center (WFSCC) in Beijing, designed to bring some of the world’s leading food safety innovation to China.

Wal-Mart is partnering with IBM Corp. to use "blockchain" software technology to improve its track and trace capabilities on food shipments in China. Working in collaboration with China's Tsinghua University, the partners will track shipments of meat, vegetables, and other products through the Chinese supply chain in an effort to improve food safety and reduce contamination.

Blockchain technology can provide better supply chain transparency than manual, paper-based approaches by creating a secure, digital record of transactions that preserves the chain of custody as goods flow from suppliers to distributors to retailers. That process is particularly important in food logistics, where expired or counterfeit products can pose safety risks to consumers.

Also known as distributed ledger technology, blockchain is a shared, immutable software record for recording the history of transactions. Until recently, the technology was known primarily for being the foundation of the bitcoin online electronic currency, but has recently been adopted for business use in industries such as finance, banking, and healthcare.

Read the full article

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Certified™ Digital Jumbo Display Thermometer (Control Co.)

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Meat of the Matter: Santa’s Actual Backstory



We’re a long ways away from the Christmas holidays, but a recent news blurb about reindeer actually has a fascinating backstory worth exploring.

Here’s the news, according to the Durango Herald newspaper in Colorado, which picked up a story by the Associated Press:

“Tribal leaders in a tiny Native village in western Alaska are expanding their commercial reindeer subsidiary to soon include sales of the lean meat to larger urban markets.

“The venture by Mekoryuk’s (ma-KOR’-ee-yuck) tribal government includes plans to build a new slaughterhouse and offer the meat for sale in places like Anchorage’s urban market and ultimately in the lower 48 as it once did.”

The article quoted Tribal Operations Director Dale Smith as saying that construction of the new plant would begin this summer, thanks to $1.8 million in federal grants. Previously, the tribal members had to conduct the butchering outdoors, with only a dilapidated shack to house their equipment.

Now, many of us assume that reindeer were always found on the Arctic tundra — maybe not the exact same species as the ones found in the northern reaches of Scandinavia, but certainly related. As it turns-out that assumption is incorrect.

Read the full Dairy Herd article

NEW High Volume Peel Plate Microbial Tests are now available!


Peel Plate groupNLT.jpg

Peel Plate Microbial Test (Charm Sciences)


Peel Plate microbial tests are simplified culture methods for detecting micro-organisms.  Tests are available for Aerobic Plate Count (AC), Coliform (CC), Coliform and E. coli (EC), Enterobacteriaceae (EB) and Yeast and Molds (Y&M). The APC, EC Plates are AOAC-RI and PMO-NCIMS approved. The YM is AOAC-RI approved. 

Each version of these tests contains non-selective or selective medium and follows conventional microbiologic procedures for time and temperature of incubation. 

Selected Peel Plate microbial tests are available for sample volumes of either 1 mL or 5 mL (High Volume). High Volume (HV) microbial tests use a 5 mL sample volume. A 5 mL aliquot of a 1:5 dilution (or 5 mL on each of 2 plates of a 1:10 dilution) is added to the HV plate and is then incubated. 100 mm diameter is convenient for sample filters and 100 mL water samples or larger, including wine and beverages.

The tests are prepared media in a shallow dish with an adhesive top. Plates are ready-to-use and no spreading device is needed. Just add the sample to the middle and it wicks through the media and solidifies. Invert the test, stack multiple tests together (if appropriate) and incubate. The sample wicks rapidly to cover entire surface. An air gap between the plate and cover allows colony picking and determination of microbial morphology. 

Peel plates are used in dairy products, ground meats, other foods, contact surfaces and water. Colony development is easily quantified by color.


What brewers need to know about the Food Safety Modernization Act


brew clean.jpg

The Food Safety Modernization Act, the largest reform of food safety laws in more than 70 years, has some specific standards brewers should take note of. Didn’t read the entire 900+ page document? Well, here’s what brewers need to know:

Higher brewing cleaning standards
Now, not only is it important to keep everything from the floors to the rafters squeaky clean, it’s also important to be able to point to your specific sanitation measures.

Brewers are now being treated as and held to the same standards as food manufacturers and food processors. This means many brewers are now looking to their colleagues in the food industry for tips on cleaning and sanitization measures.

Read the full article


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Peel Plate-brochure-Cover.jpg

NEW! Peel Plate Microbial Tests Brochure

The new Peel Plate microbial tests are simplified culture methods for detecting micro-organisms. Tests are available for Aerobic Plate Count (AC), Coliform (CC), Coliform and E. coli (EC), Enterobacteriaceae (EB) and Yeast and Molds (Y&M). The APC, EC Plates are AOAC-RI and PMO-NCIMS approved. The YM is AOAC-RI approved.

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Dairy Calves Try Escaping from a Honda on California Interstate 10

Officers with the California Highway Patrol responded to an unusual call on Saturday, March 4th, when 911 calls began coming in about a cow trying to climb out of the trunk of a Honda Civic on the shoulder of eastbound I-10 near Banning.

When officers arrived to the strange scene, they found one calf attempting to climb out of the open Honda’s trunk and another calf wedged in the back seat. Both calves had their hooves tied.

Read the full article





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